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Alliance for Children’s Rights Names Next CEO

The Alliance for Children’s Rights announced today that Laurie Rubiner, a long-time political staffer and advocate in Washington, D.C., will become the advocacy organization’s new CEO. Rubiner is currently the chief of staff for Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and previously served as vice president for public policy and advocacy for Planned Parenthood and as legislative director for then-Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY).


Children Need Us Now, More Than Ever

In focus groups in Des Moines, Iowa, and Las Vegas, Nevada, a few years ago, voters were asked what their top issues were, but only one in each group of 20 mentioned an issue related to children.


If Clinton Wins, Two Foster Youth Promised Open Door to White House

On Saturday night, two fast rising former foster youth put their stamp on child welfare leadership by pulling off a near flawless online town hall in support of Hillary Clinton. In a Richmond, Virginia office space hastily re-configured into a T.V.


A Magazine Cover with Hillary Clinton’s Photo Got Me through Foster Care

Updated: On November 5, Lexie Gruber co-hosted an online Town Hall with Anne Holton. As the wife of Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine, Holton is poised to play a key role in child welfare policy if Hillary Clinton prevails in Tuesday’s election. 


Clinton Campaign to Highlight Foster Care in Closing Days of Election

On Saturday, only days before election results come in, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will focus on foster care. During an online town hall organized by a foster-youth led initiative called Foster Youth for Hillary, potential Second Lady Anne Holton will field questions from foster youth across the country.


Congresswoman Karen Bass Still Hopeful About Family First Act

On Friday, one of Congress’ top child welfare advocates came to Los Angeles to pitch an all-but-dead federal bill that would change how foster care is financed. During a town hall in the cavernous City of Refuge Church in Gardena, Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-Calif.)

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    Juvenile Transfers to Adult Court: A Lingering Outcome of the Super-Predator Craze

    Twenty years ago, in a speech at Keene State College in New Hampshire, then-First Lady Hillary Clinton made a comment about juvenile crime that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called her out on in Monday’s debate.

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    Fed Phaseout on Private Prisons: What It Means for Juvenile Offenders

    Following a damning report from its inspector general’s office, the Department of Justice announced late last week that the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) would gradually move away from contracting with private corrections agencies to securely confine federal inmates.


    Clinton Emails Reference Foster Care

    One can run all kinds of keywords through WikiLeak’s “Hillary Clinton Email Archive.” The words I chose were “foster care.” The 30,322 emails and attachments included in WikiLeak’s database yielded five results.