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The Power of Community


The Power of Community

In October, I attended the Blueprint for Success Conference hosted by John Burton Advocates for Youth, which brings together professionals who support foster youth in higher education. After a few years of the conference being on hiatus because of the pandemic, we were finally able to convene.


While Supplies Last

There I was, freshly graduated from high school, knowing that I had been accepted as a first generation college student to attend Fresno State University. Yet, I remember being very sad because I did not know what to expect or what college was going to be like.

College student school supplies. Credit: Unsplash


Why Do We Need To Support College-bound Foster Youth With School Supplies?

After I graduated high school as a single teen parent, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of pride because of what I had accomplished and where I was planning on going.


Don’t Zip Us Out

Walking across any school yard or college campus, it’s easy to spot the most common student accessory: the iconic backpack. Slung over shoulders, college students use backpacks to carry belongings from one side of campus to the other.

Self-Reliance in Place of Support from Foster Care or Family


How I Fought for a Law That can Impact Foster Youth Going to College

I spoke in front of the Minnesota House of Representatives and explained how this bill would benefit us in college, writes Antania Goff.

As a Foster Youth, My High School Didn't Prepare Me For Higher Education


As a Foster Youth, My High School Didn’t Prepare Me For Higher Education

Lacking support in school caused me to focus less on my academic goals and focus more on an unstable social life, writes Nelly Braxton.

    Grieving the Loss of Housing and My Mother While Navigating College as a Foster Youth


    Grieving the Loss of Housing and My Mother While Navigating College as a Foster Youth

    Walking in your truth will give you the motivation and determination to get your college degree, writes Esther Taylor.

    Making My Dream of Attending College Possible


    Making my Dream of Attending College Possible

    Now that I'm a grown-up who makes their own decisions, figuring out how to attend college is not easy at all, writes Sabrina Ortiz.

    Food Insecurity Among Former Foster Youth in College


    How the Student Loan Crisis Is Affecting Foster Youth

    We need to remove the barrier of student loan debt for former foster youth who wish to pursue higher education, writes Sky Lea Ross.