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Out of State, Out of Mind


Top Stories of 2021: Hidden Foster Care

Throughout 2021, The Imprint continued reporting on how the shadow system of hidden foster care impacts parents, relatives and children.

Philadelphia Starts Ombuds Office for Youth in Residential Facilities


Children’s Attorney Tapped to be California’s Next Foster Care Ombudsperson

California officials have named longtime dependency attorney Lawrence Fluharty as the state’s next foster care ombudsperson, a watchdog for the nation’s largest child welfare system.


Texas Lawmaker Commits to Restricting and Tracking Hidden Foster Care

A special session bill before the feuding Texas Legislature takes aim at a practice widely referred to as hidden foster care.


Hidden Foster Care: All of The Responsibility, None of The Resources

Outside of the traditional foster care system exists a shadow system of potentially hundreds of thousands of children removed by CPS to their relatives or family friends—without a court case, monetary support, or due process.


Advocates Say Families Providing ‘Hidden Foster Care’ Deserve More Guidance

Nevada is relying heavily on unsupported relatives to care for children its child welfare system do not believe are safe at home.


Kentucky’s Budget Shrunk. These Informal Foster Parents Were Left with Nothing.

Natasha King, 46, and her two grandchildren. Photo: J. Tyler Franklin/WFPL
Natasha King thought it would be temporary, just a few months.  When the state called in 2013 and asked if she could parent her two grandchildren, she didn’t hesitate to take in the kids she loved more than anything in the world.

    New York Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Kin Caregivers are Denied Rights by Foster Care System


    How the Biden Administration Can Address Hidden Foster Care

    The Biden administration will inherit a foster care system in which states report removing more than 200,000 children from their families every year.  

    Joshua Gupta-Kagan, University of South Carolina School of Law
    The real number is far higher, thanks to a practice that I call “hidden foster care.”