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Former Foster Youth Included in L.A. County Guaranteed Income Project

L.A. County supervisors this week added 200 more slots to its guaranteed income program, slated for young adults raised in foster care.


Can Cash Payments Improve the Health of Pregnant People and Children?

It was like money falling from the sky: a thousand dollars in a debit card every month. To spend however Sara Calderon and her family wanted. 

Veronica Vieyra benefited from the UBI program Santa Clara County has in place for former foster youth.


California Announces Guaranteed Income Pilot Projects for Former Foster Youth

Former foster youth Veronica Vieyra participated in the guaranteed-income program for former foster youth in Santa Clara County. Photo courtesy of Vieyra.
The California Department of Social Services has awarded $25 million in grant funding to seven guaranteed-income pilot projects serving pregnant women and young people aging out of the state’s foster care system.

Bay Area’s latest guaranteed income program


The Bay Area’s Latest Guaranteed Income Program Offers Low-Income Families $500 a Month

South San Francisco is the latest Bay Area city to launch a guaranteed income pilot program, providing monthly $500 checks to low-income families.

Guaranteed income projects put California on the path to economic equity


Guaranteed Income Projects Put California on the Path to Economic Equity

California is on the right track to fundamentally restructure our state economy into one that prioritizes shared prosperity over the hoarding of individual wealth.


L.A. Mayor Seeks $24 Million to Help City’s Poorest Households With Guaranteed Income

The mayor of Los Angeles wants to give the 2,000 poorest households in his city $1,000 a month in income for a full year, no strings attached, just to see how the money affects their lives.