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Two Bills That Offer More Support to Relatives, Who are Expected to Play a Bigger Role Under Family First Act

In addition to planned legislation that makes significant changes to federal child welfare finance, two new federal bills have been introduced that would target support for relative caregivers, a key constituency in the reforms envisioned under the Family First Prevention Services Act that mostly takes effect in October.


Capitol Hill Child Welfare Briefings Cover Faith, Kinship and Opioid Addiction

Kinship caregivers and the church community can play a bigger role in supplying homes for youth who have to leave abusive and neglectful homes, and better substance abuse treatment efforts can prevent some kids from needing to leave at all.


Parity in Sight for Relative Caregivers, but Counties Must Act

By Tim Morrison In June, Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature set aside $30 million to end California’s sad distinction as the only state in the country where foster children placed with relatives do not receive state foster care benefits.


Federal Reform Should Reward Kin Who Prevent Child Welfare Cases Too

by Jan Wagner STOP IGNORING US! By “US,” I am referring to the more than 1.8 million children in the United States who are being raised by grandparents or other relatives outside the child welfare system.


American Indian Grandparents Parenting Their Grandchildren in Michigan

American Indian grandparents are part of the growing phenomenon of becoming the sole providers of care for their grandchildren. This study uses 31 individual interviews and 27 focus groups with these caregivers in Michigan to assess the strengths and needs of American Indian grandparents, as well as to gauge the impact of the Indian Child Welfare Act.


Why do poor grandparents refuse child support?

By Tim Morrison When children are removed from their homes, foster care agencies prefer to place them with caregivers who are related, often grandparents. Unlike adoptive parents, however, nearly nine out of 10 of these grandparent caregivers who are eligible for benefits that support children newly in their care do not receive them, and in most cases purposefully reject them, because of the way they are administered.


    Proposed Budget Cuts in California Squeeze Kinship Care

    By Stephanie Ludwig With the budget agreement nearly on the table, the proposed California budget cuts will put even more pressure on grandparents and other relatives who are caring for children that would otherwise be placed in the foster care system.