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One-Time Tax Credit Available to Former Foster Youth This Year, Up to $1,500


Coronavirus Funding for Child Welfare and Family Services

  The coronavirus pandemic has brought about perhaps the strangest inflection point in the history of youth and family services. Many providers are challenged to operate effectively in an environment where in-person contact is shunned, but in the not-too-distant future are likely to experience unprecedented demand for help as the nation comes to grip with an economic recession.


In Texas, Trepidation as Child Welfare Privatization Moves Forward

In December 2015, a federal judge issued a scathing ruling against Texas’s child welfare system, saying “foster children often age out of care more damaged than when they entered” and ordered a laundry list of fixes the state needed to implement.

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License to Discriminate: What to Watch for with Faith-Based Protection Laws (UPDATED September 2019)

In 2018, three states – Kansas, Oklahoma and South Carolina – joined the ranks of seven other states in passing laws to enable faith-based child welfare providers to discriminate against foster and adoptive parents, or even foster youth.

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Planting the Political Seed: A New Fellowship to Educate State Legislators on Child Welfare

This summer, the National Conference of State Legislatures convened its first-ever child welfare fellowship for state-level politicians. The year-long initiative, funded by national grant maker Ballmer Group, is aimed at raising the level of political leadership among state legislators on family preservation, foster care and adoption in the state house.

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Social Impact Financing’s First Flop

Way back in 2012, in one of our first Youth Services Insider columns, we discussed the potential "Dawn of the American Social Impact Bond" as interest in the concept spread from across the pond.


The Unsexy Side of Expansion: Reliable Revenue Streams

by Paul Carttar, co-founder, Bridgespan Group Remarkably, the scaling of high-performing nonprofit organizations seems to have taken on a certain glamor. In our sector, we are typically eager to talk about such exciting topics as the design of promising interventions, the development of sophisticated organizational capacities, and, perhaps most alluring of all, the raising of growth capital from “investors” to fuel a program or organization’s expansion or replication.


    OJJDP to Consolidate, Re-Compete Funds for Juvenile Facility Training, Information Sharing, & State Advisory Groups

    The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention will end funding for three training and technical assistance projects, then roll the work into one grant up for competition this year, The Imprint learned yesterday.

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    Grant Cancellations Coming at OJJDP: Who Else Might Lose Funding?

    As we reported late last week, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has ended its support for the National Center for Youth in Custody, an entity it created in 2010.

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    Pay for Success Watch: Connecticut Moving Bond on Parent Drug Use

    With this post, we begin “Pay for Success Watch,” a regular column in which we will keep subscribers up to date on pay for success (PFS). For the uninitiated: PFS projects, which are often referred to as social impact bonds as well, use private capital to address some of the most persistent and complex social issues.