Gov. Jerry Brown

Corey Glassman, a certified substance use disorder counselor, sits at his desk.


Redemption Delayed

Corey Glassman of California was 16 years old when he murdered a fellow high school student. The changes he made that helped earn his freedom raise questions: How much do we as a society believe that violent young people are redeemable? Are they worth the risk of a second chance?


California Court Upholds Contested State Law that Keeps Youth Under 16 Out of Adult Prison

An appellate court in California has upheld the controversial 2018 law that prevents youth under the age of 16 from entering the adult criminal justice system. Since being signed into law in October 2018, district attorneys from a number of California counties have challenged Senate Bill 1391, arguing that it unconstitutionally amends Proposition 57, a 2016 ballot measure that gave judges the power to decide if a juvenile offender should be transferred to adult court.


More Than 12,000 California Youth are Homeless. What’s Being Done to Change That?

On any given night in 2018, 159,911 youth younger than 25 across the country were homeless — 36,361 of them on their own. One-third of them were in California. As the homeless youth population declines nationwide, California remains the state with the highest population of people experiencing homelessness overall and the highest number of unaccompanied homeless youth, according to the 2018 Annual Homeless Assessment from the U.S.


California, L.A. Agree: Locking Up Young Children is ‘Nothing Good for Nobody’

After the passage last month of a California law that will bar children 11 and younger from juvenile prosecution, Los Angeles County leaders want to go even further to decriminalize youth.


Brown Signs Law to Ease Licensing Path for Relatives, Vetoes Foster Care Mobile Response Plan

As California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) prepares to leave office at the end of the year, the last round of child welfare legislation under his watch includes a new law to ease the path of relative caregivers under the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR), the major child welfare initiative developed during his time as governor.

New York State Sued over Allegedly Dysfunctional Pediatric Mental Health Care System


California Weighs Cap on How Long Mentally Incompetent Youth Can Be Held in Juvenile Halls

With the deadline to sign legislation looming, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is considering a bill that would limit how long young people who are declared mentally unfit by a judge can be held in juvenile halls.

    Youth Role in Violence, Carjackings Overstated, the Sentencing Project Says


    California Considers a “Bat-Signal” for Foster Youth in Distress

    The woman used a thick extension cord on her foster children. Welts rose. Bruises formed. Fear became the norm inside the Watts neighborhood home in Los Angeles where LaToya Cooper and six other children were sent to live.


    California Approves Short-Term Fix For Foster Parents Stuck in the Approval Process

    California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a stop-gap measure on Tuesday that will provide emergency funding to caregivers who take in a foster child before completing the approval process. Over the past year, the state’s new approval process for caregivers in the state has led to lengthy funding delays for foster parents and relative caregivers, now collectively known as resource families.



    Foster youth supporters in California are on the cusp of stitching together an education reform package that promises to dramatically improve academic outcomes for students in foster care. Now it is up to legislators in Sacramento to jolt it to life.