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Cuomo Harassment Condemned by Head of New York’s State Agency for Children and Families


Cuomo Harassment Condemned by Head of New York’s State Agency for Children and Families

On Aug. 5, Commissioner Sheila Poole of the Office of Children and Family Services emailed her staff condemning Cuomo’s actions, but stopped short of calling for his resignation.

With Influx of Federal Funding, New York Aims to Expand Foster Care Prevention


Legislative Roundup — New York’s Actions on Children and Youth Justice

After a year of pandemic-prompted shutdowns and widespread protests against racism and police brutality, the New York Legislature closed its session this month with notable reforms to the child welfare, youth justice and child care systems.

Joyce McMillan is an advocate who celebrated the passage of bills protecting parents' rights.


New York Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Parent-Child Contact After Termination of Rights

The New York Legislature has moved a bill to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk that would allow parents who the courts have found abused, neglected or abandoned their children to continue to visit with them, even after a court has terminated their parental rights.

New York Governor Signs Legislation Barring Arrest of Children Younger than 12


New York Votes to Raise the Minimum Age of Arrest From Seven to 12, Reform Awaits Cuomo’s Signature

The New York Legislature passed a historic justice reform that bars the arrest and prosecution of children under age 12. The reform awaits Gov. Andrew Cuomo's signature.

toddlers early intervention therapy


New York Averts COVID-related Lapse in Early Intervention Therapy for Toddlers with Developmental Delays

Hundreds of New York state toddlers whose early intervention services were threatened by the possibility of missing a June 30 deadline because of COVID-19 precautions got a reprieve on Monday when the state moved the deadline back.