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Legislative Roundup — California Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Bills Head to the Governor


Stimulus Checks Approved for ‘Hungry and Hurting’ Californians

California will provide additional cash benefits to low-income residents battered by the pandemic — including working poor families, children and parents on welfare and undocumented immigrants who are elderly, blind or disabled.

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As California Weathers the Pandemic, A Quiet Season for Child Welfare Bills

With the close of an abbreviated and narrowly focused legislative session amid the pandemic, some of the least fortunate and vulnerable Californians – those involved in child welfare cases – will receive only modest help in the coming year in the form of new legislation.


In Historic Move, California Shutters Its Once-Notorious Youth Prison System

With coffers strained by a recession and under pressure to reform deeply flawed criminal justice systems, California Gov. Gavin Newsom shut down a prison system that once held more than 10,000 youth under often-inhumane conditions.


California Juvenile Justice Bills Sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Desk

Assembly Bill 901 would prevent probation officers in California from working with youth in voluntary probation programs that include contracts or mandatory conditions. Photo courtesy of SBX Youth and Family Services.

California's youth prisons like the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility will close, leaving plans to house incarcerated youth to counties.


California Legislature and Governor Reach Agreement to Close Youth Prison System

A locked unit at the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility. Photo courtesy of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice.
Over the objections of county governments and local probation agencies, the California Legislature has reached an agreement with Gov.


California Judges Concerned About Quick Pace of Governor’s Plan to Close Youth Prisons

Friday is the deadline for California Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state Legislature to reach a deal on how to close the state’s youth prison system. Photo courtesy of Calamari Productions
As a Friday deadline looms to decide whether California should shut down its long-notorious youth prison system next year, some fear that without safeguards, hundreds of juvenile offenders will be sent to the adult criminal system, where they face longer sentences, more violence and poorer prospects.


California Legislature Introduces Its Plan for the Closure of State’s Youth Prisons

Illustration by Christine Ongjoco
Leaders of the California Assembly and Senate presented detailed plans this week on how the state should shut down its aging and outmoded youth prison system – a revised approach to the youngest and most serious offenders that keeps them out of adult prisons and provides increased oversight of county-run detention facilities and programs.


Coronavirus’s Arrival in California Juvenile Lockup Sparks Concern

As the coronavirus has torn through California’s incarcerated population, nine young people locked up in one of the state’s youth prisons have tested positive for it — a worrisome sign for the Division of Juvenile Justice that has so far avoided the mass outbreaks of the adult prisons. 

Proposed Laws in Minnesota and Other States Would Limit the Practice of Seizing Federal Benefits from Foster Youth


California Budget Deal Extends Millions of Dollars in Aid for Aging-out Foster Youth

Thousands of young adults in the California foster care system will receive additional financial support and housing help as they struggle to survive the recession and the coronavirus pandemic, under a budget deal this week between lawmakers and Democratic Gov.