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In New York, More Data Needed to Help Students in Foster Care, Experts Say

Educational researchers say data being kept by New York and other states is not sufficient to drill down on where schools are failing to support foster youth and to serve their particular needs.


Mental Health After Foster Care 

Years after surviving foster care, J. Christian Bell finally sought therapy. Now he urges lawmakers to fund systems for youth mental health.


Restrictions on Food Stamps Will Be Lifted For Former Foster Youth

Food stamp requirements will tighten Friday, but lawmakers made exceptions for former foster youth aged 18 to 24 — if states can find them.


Unique Coalition Provides Texas Foster Youth With Sexual and Reproductive Health Education 

Despite taboos, former foster youth, sexual health educators and child welfare experts have teamed up to further awareness.

We Are All People of the Harvest


We Are All People of the Harvest

We're people who understand one of the Latinx community's essential values: growth, nurturance, and harvest, writes Lino Peña-Martinez.

I Learned To Advocate For Myself By Speaking Up


I Learned To Advocate For Myself By Speaking Up

Advocacy impacts me because it helps me express my concerns. It's about empowering your voice, writes Daniesha Brown.

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    Think of Us Receives $47.5 Million from TED’s Audacious Project

    Think of Us has received a 5-year, $47.5 million grant from the Audacious Project, a social-impact funding initiative within the TED nonprofit.


    New York’s Runaway and Homeless Minors Can Now Consent to Their Own Health Care 

    Under a new law, many more of New York's homeless and runaway youth can now consent to their own health care.



    Audit Finds Child Welfare Agencies Often Don’t Report Missing Kids to National Office

    A recent report found that often, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is not alerted when youth in foster care go missing.