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In Quest to Meet Demand for Foster Parents, Some Agencies Look to Craigslist

As a shortage of foster parents continues across the United States, foster care agencies are recruiting new foster parents through social media and the internet, including, to some people’s surprise, Craigslist.


Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Recognizes the Struggles of Many Foster Parents in the State

Last month, Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (R) released an audit of the state’s child welfare system, which has lost almost half its capacity in the past five years. According to the report, Oregon lacks an adequate supply of foster parents to take care of some foster children, leading to the contentious and costly practice of what the agency refers to as “unplaced foster youth” spending some nights at hotels and offices.



California Hopes to Place More Probation Youth in Foster Homes Like This

Starcania Ford’s first call came not too long after she had completed two months of background checks and trainings. Could she come and pick up a young man waiting at the juvenile delinquency court near downtown Los Angeles?

Caregivers Joe and Shirley Washington


Despite Increased Funding for Recruitment, Three California Counties Struggle to Find New Foster Homes

In 2017, California began implementing statewide reforms of its foster care system, a sprawling initiative designed to reduce the role of group homes and rely more heavily on relatives and foster homes.