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Jim Roberts


Revisiting California’s Continuum of Care Reform Initiative

About three years ago I wrote an article published by The Imprint entitled “California’s Continuum of Care Reform – Will It Produce as Promised?” So has it? The goal of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) was to reduce group home placements by shifting foster youth to family-based services.


$1 Billion Tax Credit for Working Poor Caps Newsom’s First California Budget

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) finalized a budget deal with the state legislature on Thursday, securing several important child welfare investments and opening up $1 billion in aid for the state’s working poor.


For LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care, Finding Home is Hard

About three months after I first entered the foster care system at age 12, a foster parent uttered words that would stay with me for the rest of my life. “Gay people are sinners who have no direction in life,” she told me.


Instant Family Continues a Trend Toward Realistic Portrayals of Foster Care

From Bambi to Frozen, Disney is no stranger to creating movies where parents die. Annie is a classic that exposed the hard-knock life in an orphanage, and Matilda ends with the title character being adopted by her teacher.


Was California’s $140 Million Foster Parent Recruitment Fund a Boon, or Boondoggle?

California has spent about $140 million over the past three-plus years to find more foster homes for the state’s most vulnerable children, but some advocates are worried that these foster parent recruitment funds were not much more than a giveaway to county child welfare departments, with little oversight from the state and an uncertain impact.


L.A. County Looks to Business Sector Strategy to Recruit and Retain Foster Parents

Los Angeles County has endorsed a new plan to attract and retain prospective foster parents: treat them like customers. The county Board of Supervisors approved a $50,000 contract Tuesday with RaiseAChild (RAC), an organization that recruits and provides support for foster families in Southern California, to develop a digital customer relationship manager (CRM).


    L.A. Turns to Religious Communities to Help with Foster Home Shortage and Racial Disparities

    As Los Angeles County struggles to maintain enough foster homes to house the youth in its care, county leaders are looking to the faith community to better support the child welfare system.


    All Children Are Our Children: Supporting Kids in Foster Care

    The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will consider a motion today that calls for the county’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to develop a coordinated faith-based engagement strategy.


    In Quest to Meet Demand for Foster Parents, Some Agencies Look to Craigslist

    As a shortage of foster parents continues across the United States, foster care agencies are recruiting new foster parents through social media and the internet, including, to some people’s surprise, Craigslist.