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A 20-Year Fostering Reflection From One Foster and Adoptive Mom

In 2000, we became foster parents with the arrival of a 5-week-old baby girl whom we adopted nearly three years later. I began taking notes that first year trying to make sense of the experience and later turned that into a book, “Another Mother: Co-Parenting with the Foster Care System.” 


New York’s Child Welfare Agency is Looking for Inaugural Parent Advisory Board Members

New York, like every other state, has until 2021 to implement major federal child welfare reforms that incentivize keeping more families together after abuse or neglect claims, and disincentivized the use of group homes and residential care.


Oregon’s Child Welfare System Hit With Lawsuit After a Rising Number of Foster Kids Sent to Institutional Facilities

  As the Oregon state legislature considers the fate of an increasing number of foster children sent to out-of-state institutional facilities, legal advocates filed a class-action lawsuit today in federal court designed to address the state of its “overwhelmed” child welfare system.


Top Stories of 2018: Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention

Each day for the next two weeks, we’ll count down 10 of the biggest stories The Imprint published in 2018. In each, we’ll connect readers with a few links to our coverage of this issue.


For LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care, Finding Home is Hard

About three months after I first entered the foster care system at age 12, a foster parent uttered words that would stay with me for the rest of my life. “Gay people are sinners who have no direction in life,” she told me.


Instant Family Continues a Trend Toward Realistic Portrayals of Foster Care

From Bambi to Frozen, Disney is no stranger to creating movies where parents die. Annie is a classic that exposed the hard-knock life in an orphanage, and Matilda ends with the title character being adopted by her teacher.


    Preserving A Cultural Link for Asian Children in Foster Care

    The 10-year-old boy made Grace Kwon a little nervous when they first met. He came from a troubled home and it showed in him, she noted. As a new foster parent, Kwon wasn’t sure if she was ready to care for an older child.


    Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts #9: Improve Federal Supports for Foster Parents

    The Imprint is highlighting each of the policy recommendations made this summer by the participants of the Foster Youth Internship Program (FYI), a group of 10 former foster youths who have completed congressional internships.



    Eight Ways to Keep Foster Parent Candidates Interested

    We have a nationwide shortage of foster families and everyone is interested in increasing this number. At Binti, we work with more than 40 agencies across the country, who serve over 40,000 children in care.