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Indiana Extends Foster Care to 23, Ponders Ways to Speed Up Adoptions

While lawmakers push Indiana’s child welfare agency to speed up and support adoptions, the state has green-lit a plan to extend the length of time youth can remain in foster care.


Higher Calling: L.A. County Increases its Reliance on Churches to Serve Foster Children

Lincoln Memorial Congregational Church didn’t have foster kids in mind when Pastor Gailen Reeves and his team created a teen mentoring program a decade ago. They just wanted to make sure that every young person at church had an adult hand to hold.


Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts #9: Improve Federal Supports for Foster Parents

The Imprint is highlighting each of the policy recommendations made this summer by the participants of the Foster Youth Internship Program (FYI), a group of 10 former foster youths who have completed congressional internships.


Family First Residential Accreditation: Get in Line Before the Wait Gets Long

When it passed the Family First Prevention Services Act last February, Congress aimed to change the face of child welfare, in part by implementing a funding shift that restricts the use of federal Title IV-E financing for out-of-home “congregate care”placements.

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We Have to Stop Losing Half of Foster Parents in the First Year

One hundred and twenty seven. That’s the number of children that were entrusted to my husband Billy and myself over our 27 years as foster parents. Each year, as we celebrate National Foster Care Month, I like to take a few moments to reflect on the children who came into our lives as foster parents. 


Report: New York Should Use Family First Act As “Tailwind” for Curbing Congregate Care

New York’s state government was one of the few to openly oppose the Family First Prevention Services Act, a sweeping new federal law rewriting rules for funding the child welfare system.



    Eight Ways to Keep Foster Parent Candidates Interested

    We have a nationwide shortage of foster families and everyone is interested in increasing this number. At Binti, we work with more than 40 agencies across the country, who serve over 40,000 children in care.

    Lawsuit Against Oregon’s Anti-Discrimination Policy Re-Ups Movement to Shield Faith-Based Child Welfare Providers


    As Florida Faces Child Welfare Lawsuit, Legislature Tries to Speed Up Foster Care Exits

    The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) was hit this week with a federal class-action lawsuit stemming from its failure to supply enough foster home beds in the state’s southern region, a problem the state’s legislature is hoping to address with legislation aimed at shortening the length of stay in care.


    Relative Growth: Three States Increasingly Rely on Kin for Kids in Foster Care

    When Dana Murdock’s newborn niece Dahlia entered Hawaii’s foster care system in 2016, she flew from Arkansas to Hawaii as quickly as possible. Having aged out of the child welfare system herself, Murdock knew she couldn’t let her sister’s child languish in the system, and she couldn’t blame her sister for spiraling into drug addiction and losing Dahlia to foster care.