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Is This App the Key to Reunifying Los Angeles Families?

The immensity of Los Angeles County’s foster care visitation challenge is hard to fathom. When a child is removed from the custody of his or her family due to abuse and neglect, a key part of the reunification process is ensuring that child can visit with his or her parent.


Santa Barbara Mulls Hiring Child Protection Overseer

On April 5, a task force created to improve Santa Barbara’s tiny child welfare system will deliver county supervisors a slate of recommendations aimed at ensuring that no children “fall between the cracks.”


Pennsylvania Works to Provide ‘Normalcy’ for Foster Youth

A federal law that went into effect last year promotes the idea that foster youth need to be engaged in the everyday activities that all other young people enjoy to improve their outcomes as adults.

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Placement Workers Must Feel Sense of Crisis

Imagine yourself without a permanent job, taking part-time work to provide a bare-survival income, constantly aware that the job is temporary. Or imagine that you have a full-time job, but there are continuing rumors you may be laid off.

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To Prevent Attachment Disorders, Start Early

Healing attachment disorders is a popular topic in foster care. My workshops on the subject have been well attended. Why does foster care produce so many attachment disorders in the first place?

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The Impact of Growing Up Fostered

Time does not wait while the foster care system goes slowly about its business of removing and replacing children. The child is growing and developing in response to his or her experiences.

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    Foster Parent Training: The Day I Lost Everything

    It happened years ago but I still remember it vividly. In a training for foster parents, I was given this exercise: “Think of the 10 things in this world you value most, which are most important in your life.


    Begin with Kin, But Honor the Bond

    No one disputes that children, based upon their compelling need, have the right to a permanent home. And when safety can be assured, the birth family comes first. This includes the extended family of capable blood relatives.


    Out-of-County Placements Tax Kids and Workers Alike

    The Imprint’s series on out-of-county placements for foster youth provided excellent examples of the problems caused by placing foster children out of county or far away from home. In the District of Columbia, where I worked as a social worker with foster children, over half of foster youth are placed in the Maryland suburbs.