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Faith-based Community Can Provide Support System for Foster Families

As a foster parent of 13 years, I have found that there have been those moments, and even those days, when I have felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure if I could go on caring for children in need in my home. Quite


Welcoming a Foster Child: Language, Ownership and Respect Prove Key

The recent study, “Foster Parent Strategies to Support the Functional Adaptation of Foster Youth” aims to shed light on practices that foster families have implemented to help a foster child successfully transition into a new home.

Storyboard Project: Angelica


Angelica: Privileged to Bear This Burden

“I’ve been to so many schools–I don’t have any life-long friends,” admits Angelica, a former foster youth now in her twenties. In this video, Angelica shares her story and her perspective on what it is like to grow up in the foster care system, where she never had a voice and where there was no one who felt obligated to have her in their life.


How Foster Care Support Can Boost Mental Health When Life-Skills Classes Are Not Enough

By Darian Woods New research suggests that supporting foster youths’ transition to adulthood is important to protect against mental illness. Help navigating the administration of life, such as how to buy health insurance, balance a checkbook or prepare for a job interview may be associated with stronger mental health decades later.


Marlo Nash to Lead New National Foster Youth Institute

Marlo Nash, who led external relations for the Milwaukee-based Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, is leaving the organization in January to become executive director of a start-up organization aimed at connecting policy makers with foster youth and families.