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How Foster Care Support Can Boost Mental Health When Life-Skills Classes Are Not Enough

By Darian Woods New research suggests that supporting foster youths’ transition to adulthood is important to protect against mental illness. Help navigating the administration of life, such as how to buy health insurance, balance a checkbook or prepare for a job interview may be associated with stronger mental health decades later.


Bill to Decriminalize Foster Youth Goes to California Senate

A new bill that child advocacy groups are hoping will curb arrests of foster youth in group homes will likely be introduced today in the State Senate. The new legislation in its current form will trigger an investigation into group homes that call the police frequently on the criminal conduct of foster youth, limit out-of-pocket restitution demanded of foster youth and reduce time spent in juvenile detention centers.


Examining Homeless Outcomes Among Foster Care Youth in Wisconsin

Foster youth are more at-risk for homelessness compared to their same-age peers. This reports addresses the scope, the cause and some solutions to the problem of homelessness for foster youth in Wisconsin.


No One Ages Out: Housing for Youth Aging Out of Care

Amid the many youth aging out of foster care, there are individuals who struggle daily to overcome the challenges of aging out. In 2011, almost 900 youth were between the ages of 18 and 21 years old and had aged out of care in New York City.