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Two Tech-Savvy Non-Profits get Big Boost During Day One of Foster Care Hackathon

With the first day of the White House’s Foster Care Hackathon in the bag, two non-profits seem poised to make huge strides in expanding their reach. In the case of tech-heavy iFoster, the hackathon became a venue for repeated pledges to dramatically expand its program for providing foster youth with laptop computers.


Bridging the Digital Divide to Help Youth Succeed After Foster Care

According to a study released today by nonprofit organizations iFoster and Foster Care Counts, a researcher at the University of Southern California found that access to a personal computer positively impacts the lives of youth in foster care.


Foster Mother’s Day 2015

The biggest day on Los Angeles’ child welfare calendar shows what foster care is really about. When many people think about foster care, their thoughts immediately go to the heart wrenching headlines they read in the newspaper.


Oprah Winfrey Network to Air Groundbreaking Foster Care Show July 3rd

On June 5th, I experienced the highest point yet in my professional and personal life. Fostering Media Connection’s mission is to elevate the public discourse about the toughest moments children face.


Foster Care Counts

Eight-year-old Gabbi happily munches on candy, a butterfly painted across her smiling face. A line of little girls in their Sunday best fidget while waiting their turn to get their faces painted also.