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California Lawmaker Has an Edge on His Colleagues: His Child Welfare Experience

Los Angeles Assemblymember Isaac Bryan has emerged as a leader on child welfare issues in Sacramento.

Isaac Bryan spoke about his bills at a rally to reform the child welfare system outside the Capitol Building in Sacramento on May 11.

New York City Mayor Proposes Investments in Foster Youth and Summer Jobs for Teens


New York City Mayor Proposes Investments in Foster Youth and Summer Jobs for Teens

In his budget plan for 2023, New York City Mayor Eric Adams pledged to invest millions of dollars in support for foster youth transitioning to adulthood and summer job opportunities for young people.

Delaware to Offer Free State College to Former Foster Youth


Delaware to Offer Free State College to Former Foster Youth

Beginning next spring, some Delaware students who were previously in foster care will have access to cost-free college.

Youth Voice author Shay House on George Floyd's murder and justice for Black Americans.


‘People with First-Hand Experience Should be at the Forefront of Policy Reform’

“I firmly believe that true expertise lies within one’s own experience. Thus, people with first-hand experience should be at the forefront of policy reform.”

Positive Role Models for Juvenile Justice-Impacted Youth


Finding Stability Within the Child Welfare System

Sabrina Abong shares how she found stability despite moving through eight different homes.
I have been in eight different homes and this is my experience with the child welfare system. I want child abuse and neglect to end within the child welfare system.


Pandemic Support for Foster Youth Still Delayed, Months After Federal Action

Illustration by Christine Ongjoco
Over the past year, tens of thousands of young adults in foster care faced a distressing prospect: Once they turned 21, in all but a few states, they would lose the money they counted on for housing and basic living expenses — even as the pandemic slashed entry-level jobs and shuttered college dorms.


    For Teens in Foster Care, It Takes a Village to Raise but a Family to Show Love

    Victor Sims: “When we prevent teenagers from having families we restrict them from the love, belonging and security that a family has to offer.” 
    Only 58% of teens in foster care live with a family, compared with 95% of kids 12 and younger, according to a recent report by Annie E.


    Five Former Foster Youth Sound Off: How the Pandemic Impacts Their Education

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person support services for current and former foster youth have been eliminated. This has been devastating for students pursuing higher education and left many to rely on – or long for – the lifelong connections promised when they exited foster care.

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    A Pop Tart Tribute to Human Rights

    In late December, the nonprofit iFoster hosted its inaugural Great iFoster Bake Off, a national Zoom-hosted competition where foster youth and caregivers teamed up to decorate holiday houses made out of Pop Tarts.