Do Waivers Work? Compared to What?

This analysis is part of The Imprint’s series entitled: “Dollars and Priorities: The Financing of Child Welfare.” In the middle of the last decade, the State of Florida and two counties in California got a head start on the pack in developing and implementing the modern era of child welfare waivers.


Wyden Introduces Bill To Overhaul Foster Care Entitlement

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, has introduced a bill that would significantly expand a multi-billion dollar federal entitlement program that currently funds only foster care services.

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Pay for Success Watch: Solving Government Uncertainty on Structure

The potential for Pay-for-Success (PFS) models in the human services field has captured the attention of the federal government, foundations and social impact investors. But two years after America’s pioneer PFS projects began, there are fewer than 10 ventures being implemented.


Sen. Wyden Circulates Bill to Overhaul Federal Child Welfare Financing

The lead Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee is circulating a draft bill that would for the first time permit states to use federal foster care entitlement dollars on preventing child abuse and keeping families together.

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Pay-for-Success Watch: The Cleveland Case Study

As part of The Imprint’s continuing coverage of the pay-for-success (PFS) funding model emerging in the U.S., we share this case study of a promising Ohio project written by Patrick Lester of the Social Innovation Research Center.

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Pay for Success Report: So Far, Lots of Interest and Slow Movement

As The Imprint continues to follow the development of Pay for Success (PFS) projects (also known as Social Impact Bonds), other interested parties have begun to take notice as well. There have been a number of recent reports published on PFS, including the examination of winning federal grant applications The Imprint reported on late last year.


    Trio of Powerful Child Welfare Groups Back New Plan for Federal Financing

    Three child welfare organizations are pushing a plan that would overhaul federal child welfare financing, and challenges other recent calls for limitations on federal support for congregate care. The groups – the Alliance for Children and Families, the National Organization of State Associations for Children (NOSAC), and the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) – would establish a more flexible flow of federal dollars to states that could be used for foster care or preventative services.

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    Child Welfare Finance Going Forward: Notes from The Roundtable

    Just before Congress called it a summer, lead staffers for two Senate leaders on child welfare put together what amounted to a rapid-fire pitch meeting for child welfare policy ideas. Kathy Nuebel and Libby Whitbeck – staffers for Sens.

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    Youth Services Insider: Caseys Pitch Title IV-E Reform

    Youth Services Insider dropped in on a Capitol Hill briefing a week ago on a plan to restructure the federal IV-E foster care entitlement, which was proposed by Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) and Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative.