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Last-Minute Spending Deal Includes Boosts for Child Welfare

After months of on-again, off-again negotiations that seemed doomed as recently as last week, Congress has approved a deal on annual funding and coronavirus relief that includes more than $400 million in federal support for child welfare systems.

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Washington, D.C., Pilot Gives $500 Per Month to Black Mothers with CPS Cases


The 2020 Spending Deal: A Full Breakdown of Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Funding

Just before the holidays, and amidst the contentious impeachment proceedings, both parties and both chambers hammered out a spending deal for fiscal 2020 that was then signed by President Donald Trump.


Accountability is Key to Capitalizing on New Political Leadership on Child Well-Being

The midterm elections bode well for children, ushering in a new group of politicians that recognizes the importance of investing in a healthy, fair start in life for our children and youth.


On Legal Fees for Parents and Children, Trump Administration Scores One for Basic Republican Values

As a registered Republican for more than 40 years, I am heartened by a recent reform by the Children’s Bureau of the Trump administration. It increases flexibility for states to manage their child protection systems, with the Social Security Title IV-E entitlement opened up to support high-quality legal representation for children and parents.

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Seeks Extension on Adoptee Well-being Survey


The First Twelve Models That Could be Cleared for Family First Act Funding

The Children’s Bureau released a slew of information on the Family First Prevention Services Act late last week, including the most anticipated info: A list of the first programs and models to be considered for the law’s newly established clearinghouse.


In New York, State and City Diverge on Family First Act

One of the most difficult jobs in government is deciding whether or not to take children from parents who have been accused of child abuse, and place them in foster care.

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    CliffsNotes on Family First Act, Part One: Services to Prevent Foster Care

    As The Imprint reported in multiple stories last week, the Family First Prevention Services Act has become law. It includes the biggest change to the structure of federal child welfare finance since the establishment of the Title IV-E entitlement in 1980.

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    Tax Cuts Could Mean Coming Storm for Child Welfare, Juvenile Services

    The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, a national organization that represents hundreds of child welfare and juvenile justice service providers, is concerned that the tax reform plan moving through both chambers of Congress is setting up a perfect storm of funding troubles for nonprofits in the sector.

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    Muhlhausen, Heritage’s Main Guy on Work Programs, to Lead National Institute of Justice

    The Trump Administration has tapped a longtime critic of federal social programs to head up the National Institute of Justice, the Justice Department’s central agency for research, standards development, and program evaluation.