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What’s In the 2024 Spending Deal for Youth and Families

Analysis and handy chart on youth and family funding in the 2024 spending deal passed by Congress and signed by President Biden.

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Bill Would Double Spending on Youth Homelessness, Focus More on Prevention


Bill Would Double Spending on Youth Homelessness, Focus More on Prevention

A bill to reauthorize the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act would more than double spending on programs while adding a prevention component.

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$800 Million Federal Emergency Fund Proposed to Prevent Family, Youth Homelessness

A bipartisan group of Senators has proposed an $800 million emergency fund to help communities address family and youth homelessness as advocates fear a potentially disastrous wave of instability as coronavirus continues to hamper the economy. 

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The United States Capitol


Child Welfare Advocates Around Country Ask for More than $3 Billion in Next Stimulus

Hundreds of child welfare and family services organizations signed on to a letter asking House and Senate leadership for a massive boost to child welfare funding for the year as part of a possible next piece of stimulus legislation.

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Florida’s IV-E Waiver Hit is a Fraction of What Was Feared

This month, a slate of federal waivers offering states flexibility on child welfare funds came to an end. Many of the big child welfare systems with waivers have forecasted big cuts to the federal supply of dollars to their budgets as a result.

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Family First Act


Latest Family First Tally: 39 States Taking Delay for Up to Two Years

The two main provisions of the Family First Prevention Services Act took effect this month, opening up federal funds for preventing the use of foster care while limiting support for group homes.


    Michigan Rolls Out Plan to Expand, Improve Legal Counsel in Child Welfare Court

    Michigan’s child welfare agency announced that it will work with any interested local court system to help access new federal funds available for the legal representation of parents and children in child welfare courts.

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    Exclusive: At Least Seventeen States Have Requested Delay of Family First Act Since November

    Youth Services Insider has heard a range of numbers thrown around lately in regard to how many states plan to delay implementing the Family First Prevention Services Act, which mostly takes effect in October.

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    Trump’s 2020 Budget for Family and Youth Services

    President Donald Trump released his 2020 spending proposal, dubbed “A Budget for a Better America,” late last week. On Monday, the Office of Management and Budget and various cabinet agencies released the fine print.