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Sibling Connections


Sibling Connections

My greatest difficulty in the foster care system was that I was always separated from my siblings, writes Laticia Aossey.

How Hidden Foster Care Harms Children and Parents of Color


How Hidden Foster Care Harms Children and Parents of Color

After her own experience as a kinship caregiver, Aubrey Edwards-Luce hopes the Children's Bureau can better support kin caregivers and promote racial justice.

Advocates and Officials Press Case for Overhauling Key Adoption and Child Welfare Law


Advocates and Officials Press Case for Overhauling Key Adoption and Child Welfare Law

Advocates, representatives and former child welfare officials say it's time to change a 1990s-era federal law that incentivized adoptions.

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The Family Justice Gap

Those in the child welfare system should reflect on our complicity in allowing a system to separate children from their parents without due process.

The ICWA Law Center staff.


Minneapolis Lawyers Rely on ‘Gold Standard’ Law to Keep Native American Families Together

To examine the Indian Child Welfare Act and its impact, The Imprint reviewed summaries of 40 cases handled last fall by a leading nonprofit law firm in Minnesota, where Native American children are removed from their parents at a rate unseen elsewhere in the country. The review revealed that the federal law has a clear benefit for the children it is designed to protect — and without it, those rights would be greatly diminished.

The Trauma of Losing a Family Twice


Pediatricians Group Deems Trump’s Border Policy of Family Separation ‘Torture’

The influential American Academy of Pediatrics has added to growing pressure on the incoming Biden administration to reverse the practice of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents at the Mexican border set by President Donald Trump, concurring with other prominent groups that the practice amounted to torture under international standards.


    Taking the Measure of a New Metric

    Remember the parable about blind men describing an elephant? Each touched a different part of the elephant, so they came to different conclusions about what it looked like. But what if there were more people involved – and they had to compare notes?


    In Aftermath of Latest Child Death, L.A. Contends with Potential Foster Care Panic

    In mid-July, Bobby Cagle, the director of Los Angeles County’s $2.8-billion child welfare system, visited the high desert communities of Palmdale and Lancaster, both reeling from the latest child death to strike the county.


    In Era of Family Separation, a Top Administration Official Vows to Fight the Practice in Child Welfare

    David Kelly was met with thunderous applause from parent advocates last week as he jogged onto the stage of a Ritz-Carlton ballroom, just outside of Washington, D.C. As the special assistant to Children’s Bureau Associate Commissioner Jerry Milner, Kelly plays a lead role at an agency that oversees nearly $10 billion in annual funds spent on everything from child maltreatment prevention to adoption.