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The Good, the Bad, Reunification, Detachment


The Good, the Bad, Reunification, Detachment

Youth Voice Writing Contest essay finalist Alora Danielle Benitez writes about the negative effects of reunification with biological families.


A Village Apart: Lummi Nation Creates a Unique Community to Support Families

Sche'lang’en Village, which opened in 2017, is a housing development that preserves Native American families by providing support and opportunities for transformational life changes.


Child Deaths and Faulty Facts: A Surefire Recipe for Misguided Child Welfare Proclamations

Last week, City Journal, a magazine and website published by the Manhattan Institute, published a fear-mongering column entitled “Parents Rights,’ at the Expense of Kids’ Safety.” In that piece, a writer named Naomi Schaefer Riley, a fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, made two points.


Hearings: Young, First-Time Parents Face ‘Civil Death Penalty’ in a Ventura Child Welfare Court

200 Beats a Minute It was the week before Christmas 2018. Sometime around noon that day, the 1-year-old baby girl ingested methamphetamines and opioids she had found in her mother’s purse.


A Call to New State Child Welfare Directors

Tomorrow, citizens across the country will head to the polls. In 36 states, people will elect governors. Presumably, in a significant number, voters will choose a new leader for their state.


How L.A.’s Housing Crisis Makes Family Reunification Much Harder

High housing costs and long hours at a minimum wage job came down hard on Claudia.* She tried to make it work, to keep her family of four children sheltered and cared for in a room behind her father’s repair shop in the San Fernando Valley, a vast suburb of Los Angeles.


    New York City Says It’s A Sign Of Progress That Fewer Foster Kids Return Home

    The portion of youth in foster care who are eventually reunited with their biological families has been plummeting in New York City, according to a Chronicle of Social Change review of data from the city’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS).

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    Tax Plan’s Deficits Could Prompt Elimination of Major Child Welfare Programs

    The common narrative on the many iterations of the Republican-led tax reform package is that it adds something in the neighborhood of $1.5 trillion to the deficit. Various ideas on how to add more revenue to the plan have been bandied about by deficit hawks in the past few days to address that deficit.


    Bill to Overhaul Child Welfare Funds Will Move in Both Chambers

    The slightly re-named Family First Prevention Services Act, an overhaul of federal child welfare financing aimed at supporting more efforts to prevent foster care placements, will likely be introduced next week in both the House and Senate.