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Family Centered Treatment Gets Second Look from Family First Clearinghouse

The clearinghouse that approves services under the Family First Prevention Services Act has agreed to reconsider a training program it downgraded last winter.  Family Centered Treatment, or FCT, which is used to train biological parents and other caregivers on the effects of trauma on children, had received transitional approval in 2019 to be among the services that states could fund under the law, which fully takes effect in all states on October 1.

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Federal Children’s Bureau OK’s Oregon’s Foster Care Prevention Plan

Oregon this week became the 12th state to win federal approval for a plan to prevent children from falling into foster care.

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State Watchdog Says Nebraska Should Break Contract for Case Management


Nebraska’s Foster Care Prevention Plan Approved by Feds

Nebraska is about to greatly enhance its prevention aimed at building up families and curbing the state’s use of foster care. The state announced last week that the federal government has approved its plan to implement the Family First Prevention Services Act, a move that will allow Nebraska to tap into more money and services for families and children.

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Top Child Welfare Association in New York Gets a New Leader

The top trade association for child welfare organizations in New York announced a new leader last week. Kathleen Brady-Stepien will become president and CEO of the The Council of Family and Child Caring Agencies in early February, replacing the organization’s leader of 21 years, Jim Purcell.

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Family First Act Services Can Be Delivered Remotely During Pandemic, Feds Say

The Family First Act was signed into law in February 2018, and mostly took effect in October 2019.
The U.S. Children’s Bureau notified state and local child welfare leaders this week that newly funded services under the Family First Prevention Services Act can be delivered remotely for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Key to Family First Act Success: Building Community Trust

Paul DiLorenzo
Several years ago, I attended a Jesuit Leadership institute. The trainer shared a quote that I found relevant to my work at Casey Family Programs with public child welfare agencies and community-based primary prevention programs.



    Technology Can Move Child Welfare Forward, Even Amid Budget Cuts

    State budgets, heavily impacted by COVID-19 and the resulting economic fallout, are going to be tight this year. Instead of cutting important child welfare services, agencies should determine if there are ways to become more efficient in how they operate.

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    Arkansas Has Been Approved for Family First Act Funding

    The U.S. Children’s Bureau has approved Arkansas’s plan under the Family First Prevention Services Act, which will enable the state to draw down federal funds for services aimed at preventing the use of foster care in certain child welfare cases.

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    Family First Act: Who’s In, Who’s Out, What’s Up In The Air

    In just a few weeks, the two major provisions of the Family First Prevention Services Act will take effect. The law, passed in February 2018, dramatically changes the rules of Title IV-E, the entitlement through which most federal funds for child welfare services flows.