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Los Angeles County Expands Kinship Care Efforts

Photo by Dominque Ross
On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to expand a program that has helped drive kinship placements of children in its foster care system to nearly twice the national average.


L.A. County Weighs Expanding Rapid Kinship Placement Program

Los Angeles County is weighing an expansion to its Upfront Family Finding Pilot Project. Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services
Despite an ever-tightening budget, Los Angeles County is considering an expansion of a kinship program that places foster children with relatives as soon as they are removed from their parents’ homes, a softer handoff that can reduce the trauma of family separation.


Connecting Kids to Family is Getting Easier, So There’s No Excuse to be Bad at It

A few years ago, a woman contacted me through LinkedIn. She had heard about my book, Foster Girl, a Memoir and wanted to learn more about my experiences growing up in the foster care system.

Lawsuit Against Oregon’s Anti-Discrimination Policy Re-Ups Movement to Shield Faith-Based Child Welfare Providers


As Florida Faces Child Welfare Lawsuit, Legislature Tries to Speed Up Foster Care Exits

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) was hit this week with a federal class-action lawsuit stemming from its failure to supply enough foster home beds in the state’s southern region, a problem the state’s legislature is hoping to address with legislation aimed at shortening the length of stay in care.


Relative Growth: Three States Increasingly Rely on Kin for Kids in Foster Care

When Dana Murdock’s newborn niece Dahlia entered Hawaii’s foster care system in 2016, she flew from Arkansas to Hawaii as quickly as possible. Having aged out of the child welfare system herself, Murdock knew she couldn’t let her sister’s child languish in the system, and she couldn’t blame her sister for spiraling into drug addiction and losing Dahlia to foster care.


The Path Out of Foster Care Crisis Runs Through Family

The language of family finding is evolving in response to years of learning from practice and research. The family finding name itself came from these central questions: Is it true this child has no one?


    L.A. County Hopes to Expand Family-Finding Services

    Facing a rising number of children in care in the county and looming statewide reforms, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a proposal yesterday that would seek ways to invest in finding immediate placements with family members for children entering the county’s child-welfare system.


    Child Protection Needs a ‘Race to the Moon’ Mentality

    In the practice of child welfare, we are called upon to model a set of core values.  Woven throughout Family Finding and my partnership with the Seneca Family of Agencies is an evolving philosophy of “unconditional care” that translates into, “Our plans may fail, but the family and child will not.”

    Kevin Campbell


    U.S. Foster Care for Syrian Children: One Family’s Blessing, Another Family’s Loss 

    I am reminded from time to time about how responsive and compassionate the American people can be by reading stories like the one recently published by The Imprint about the opening of the American foster care system to Syrian children.