Extended Foster Care


Top Stories of 2023: Challenges in Extended Foster Care  

A selection of The Imprint’s most impactful stories from the past year


Let’s Stop Overlooking The Role of Extended Foster Care

Six steps for helping young adults transition to independence.

An old picture of three boys and their mother smiling sits inside a frame with words about family and love.


Rebuilding Family After Foster Care

Bad timing and a stint in juvenile detention prevented Matthew and Terrick from accessing resources offered to their youngest brother, Joseph.


Child Welfare Ideas From the Experts

Congressional intern Christian Sotomayor wants to expand eligibility for certain foster youth to transition under the Chafee program.

Photo of Jessica Herrera Twitchell, congressional intern advocating for expanded post-18 support for foster youth.


Child Welfare Ideas From the Experts

Congressional intern Jessica Herrera Twitchell proposes that Congress amend two federal programs for older youth in foster care.


Restrictions on Food Stamps Will Be Lifted For Former Foster Youth

Food stamp requirements will tighten Friday, but lawmakers made exceptions for former foster youth aged 18 to 24 — if states can find them.


    An Underused Program Can Help Keep Youth From Falling Into Homelessness 

    Any further delays in implementing FYI, a youth-built HHS platform for economic success, are unforgivable folly. 


    California Weighs More Robust Support for Aging-Out Foster Youth

    State lawmakers hope to upgrade a decades-old program designed to prepare young people raised in government custody for independence. 


    Texas Whistleblower Says Vulnerable Teens Are Being Failed by State Child Welfare Agency When They Turn 18

    A CPS whistleblower says Texas foster youth with cognitive and mental health challenges are being cast out of the system when they turn 18.