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Los Angeles County’s Ranking Supervisor Shares Child Welfare Insights

Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell’s decades-long career in policymaking and public service has deep roots. Her parents met while both worked as county social workers. Sylvia Johnson, Mitchell’s mother, later worked as the warden of a California state prison and chief probation officer of Alameda County.

Los Angeles Leaders Aim to Prevent “Housing Cliff” for 1,100 Aging Out of Foster Care Dec. 31


Los Angeles Leaders Aim to Prevent “Housing Cliff” for 1,100 Aging Out of Foster Care Dec. 31

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors today voted to connect soon-to-be former foster youth with rapid rehousing funds and other benefits after California's moratorium on aging out of foster care ends Dec. 31.

More details on California relief funds for current, former foster youth


California Will Offer Pandemic Relief Cash to Young People Currently or Recently in Extended Foster Care

California will use its share of a federal pandemic assistance fund to provide millions of dollars to young people currently in the state’s extended foster care system, and those who have left in the past four years.


$100 Million Investment in Housing for Homeless Youth Moving in California Legislature

Amid recent news that 1 in 4 California foster youth face homelessness after aging out of foster care, a bill moving through the state Legislature aims to invest $100 million in increasing the housing stock for this particularly vulnerable population.


California Considers Universal Basic Income for Former Foster Youth

Sen. Dave Cortese announcing the Santa Clara County foster youth UBI program. Photo courtesy of the office of Dave Cortese
Former foster youth in California would receive $1,000 a month for their basic needs, under a new piece of legislation now being considered by state lawmakers grappling with widespread economic devastation during the pandemic.


Nevada Eyes Federal Funding in Hopes of Helping More Foster Youth Navigate Early Adulthood

Extended foster care programs aim to help young adults navigate and prepare for the challenging transition to independent adulthood.
For 10 years, Nevada has helped support former foster youth until they turn 21, providing monthly stipends for rent and living expenses, along with case managers and coaching in life skills.


    Top Stories of 2020: A Decade of Extended Foster Care

    In 2010, California approved legislation that would extend foster care until age 21 for youth who otherwise would be forced out on their own at 18. The state, home to more than 50,000 foster youth, was among the first to offer a longer runway into adulthood. 


    California Lawmakers Pass Pandemic Protections for Foster Youth

    Senate Bill 912 aims to ensure former foster youth like Joseph, 23, don’t lose housing benefits and caseworker support while the state is weathering a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Max Whittaker
    They are among California’s most economically vulnerable young people as COVID-19 cases in the state surpassed a staggering 700,000, tens of thousands of evictions loom and the number of unemployed soars past 2.5 million. 

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    New York Taps Family First Act Fund to Prevent Aging Out During Pandemic

    For months since the eruption of the deadly coronavirus, youth and advocates have been imploring New York to allow young people in the foster care system to continue receiving financial and housing support beyond their 21st birthday.