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Motivational Interviewing Becomes Tenth Approved Service Under Family First Act

A process used by social workers and other professionals to inspire the confidence and desire to change in clients has been cleared for federal funding under the Family First Prevention Services Act, which mostly took effect last month.

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Feds Approve Spending for Family First Evaluation, Research

The child welfare research community has been waiting for an answer on whether federal dollars will flow for some of the work needed to build up the nation’s array of evidence-based programs for keeping families together.

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Group Hopes to Replicate First Regional Convening on Family First Act

The federal Administration for Children and Families (ACF) has already begun to set up the guidelines and rules that will govern state implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act, a law passed in February of 2018 that aims to prevent the use of foster care more often and reduce the use of group homes and other congregate care settings.

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Family First Clearinghouse


Family First Clearinghouse Lays Out Its Process for Approving Services

The federal Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation at the Department of Health and Human Services has published a handbook that lays out how service models will be assessed for inclusion on the much-anticipated Prevention Services Clearinghouse, the gateway to funding under a recently passed federal child welfare law.

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Social Impact Leader Tracy Palandjian on the State of Pay-For-Success

In August of 2012, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a project through which his foundation and Goldman Sachs would pay for a project aimed at lowering the recidivism of adolescent males incarcerated at Rikers Island, New York’s massive and potentially doomed prison-plex.


Canary in a Coal Mine? SAMHSA’s Clearinghouse Signals Larger Threat to Evidence-Based Policy

It started as a simple story. Once again, the Trump administration had demonstrated its reputed disdain for facts and evidence. This time it had revoked the contract of one of the federal government’s top evidence clearinghouses — one that reviewed studies of mental health and drug treatment programs to determine their effectiveness.


    In Support of Prevention Funding, But Not at the Expense of Children in Foster Care

    As I mentioned in a prior piece in this series, the federal child welfare advocacy community increasingly seems myopically focused on increasing federal funding for “prevention.” Unfortunately, few, if any, are able to paint a picture of what increased investment in prevention would look like.


    Child Protection Needs a ‘Race to the Moon’ Mentality

    In the practice of child welfare, we are called upon to model a set of core values.  Woven throughout Family Finding and my partnership with the Seneca Family of Agencies is an evolving philosophy of “unconditional care” that translates into, “Our plans may fail, but the family and child will not.”

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    Lester: Evidence-Based Timeline of Families First Act Might Be Tough to Fulfill

    Patrick Lester, who for years headed the public policy shop for the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, now leads the Social Innovation Research Center. He’s pretty much a one-man show there as he builds the organization, and he has primarily focused the center’s attention on pay-for-success and social impact bonds.