MARCH 19, 3:30 PM EST: Top Trump Child Welfare Official and Former Foster Youth will Host COVID-19 Town Hall

On Thursday, March 19, Jerry Milner of the federal Children’s Bureau is teaming up with former foster youth and tech entrepreneur Sixto Cancel to co-host a virtual town hall inviting foster youth to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. 


A Keychain, a Box of Chocolates, and a Certificate of Emancipation

Emancipation Day. Also known as the worst day of my young adult life. Although I wasn’t prepared to actually leave foster care, I had anticipated this day ever since I entered, nine years earlier.


Trump Administration Reviewing Plan for Housing Support to Any Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Jamole Callahan is turning 40 this year. He’s carved out a successful career in advocacy and motivational speaking (his Twitter handle is @MrMotivator). But in college, as a youth who had aged out of foster care, his path was far from stable.


Aging Out in Arkansas: Two Girls Struggle to Move on After Foster Care

  Kendra Owens doesn’t remember a lot about the five months she spent in foster care before her 18th birthday. Her therapist says that it’s her brain trying to protect her, hiding away horrible memories that might trigger her depression or her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Why Aren’t Older Foster Youth Extending Stay in Care?   

The Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, once a standalone entity and now part of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, has released a compendium of data on foster youth ages 14 to 21, a group that makes up about 25 percent of the overall foster youth population.

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Emancipation from Foster Care: A Cruel Joke

The average length of time spent in foster care in 1999 was 32 months. By 2014, the average time had dropped to 19.5 months. Progress, but still unacceptably high. Much more unsettling, however, are the statistics on emancipation.

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    Eight Years Later, “Foster Care to 21” Moving Toward a Majority in U.S.

    The Alaska House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill late last week that would enable foster youth to remain in care until age 21. House Bill 27 would permit an extension of one year in state custody to a youth turning 18 without any permanency plan in place; two additional one-year extensions of custody could be achieved through a hearing.


    Leveraging the Power of Caring Adults in the Lives of Foster Youth: How Relationships Can Change Lives

    By Johanna Greeson A bleak portrait continues to emerge for youth who age out of foster care without connections to caring adults and with inadequate independent living skills. The field of child welfare has yet to develop an effective response to this problem.


    Three Brothers, Three Paths Out of Foster Care

    The brothers escaped on a Sunday. Matt, 14, Terrick, 12, and Joseph, 11 pretended to go to church that day in 2006, but in secret they had planned to run away and never come back.