FAFSA Debacle Will Hit Foster, Homeless Youth the Hardest 

New problems with the application process for federal student aid will hit foster and homeless youth hardest if professionals don't step up for them, writes Mauriell Amechi

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Be Honest, But Encouraging, with New Child Welfare Workers

After two previous columns on workforce, I have a few final thoughts on how we can recruit talented, committed team members. Though schools of social work were once a source of training and mentoring for aspiring child welfare professionals, some professors are encouraging their students to steer clear of what they perceive as the toxic work. 


Top Stories of 2023: From Incarceration to College

A selection of The Imprint’s most impactful stories from the past year


Problem Newly Revealed in Juvenile Hall Schools: A Failure to Get Kids to Class

A report by California legal advocates finds “chronic absenteeism” is apparent — even when teens are locked up.

College Grant Program for Minnesota Foster Youth a Victim of its Own Success


In New York, More Data Needed to Help Students in Foster Care, Experts Say

Educational researchers say data being kept by New York and other states is not sufficient to drill down on where schools are failing to support foster youth and to serve their particular needs.


New York City to Better Track Foster Youth Education

Legislation passed last week would require New York City to release more data on the educational outcomes of thousands of students in foster care.


    It Took Almost Two Years, but NYC Schools Now Provide Educational Support for Students in Foster Care 

    The city's new office for students in foster care is now fully staffed to assist public school students growing up in the child welfare system.


    Child Welfare Ideas From the Experts

    Congressional intern Aoguzi Muhammet McDonald proposes a federal grant to pay tuition directly to colleges chosen by foster youth.


    Education or Family: The Impossible Choice We Must End

    Too many parents have to choose between providing their child with an education or being able to care for them. But there is a better way.