District Attorney


Brooklyn DA Details Shocking Police, Prosecutor Misconduct Behind 25 Wrongful Convictions and 426 Years of Prison Time

Describing injustice of an “almost unbearable” magnitude, Brooklyn’s District Attorney Eric Gonzalez this week released a report concluding that police and prosecutorial misconduct contributed to the wrongful convictions of 25 New Yorkers by his own office. 

Colorado Considers a Raise the Age Youth Justice Bill


Some New York Prosecutors Expect a Tricky Year Ahead on Raise the Age

When Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed the juvenile justice law known as “Raise the Age” in April 2017, advocates celebrated that New York would finally catch up to other states moving 16- and 17-year-olds out of adult courts and lockups.


Landmark Juvenile Justice Reform Challenged by California DAs

Several California district attorneys have launched an effort to roll back a landmark juvenile justice reform in California, a fight that both sides expect will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court of California.


Does Political Party Influence the Rate of Youth Transferred to Adult Court in California?

Come November, California is almost certain to deliver a hefty number of electoral votes to Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election. As a whole, California is one of the nation’s bluest states, but that’s not necessarily the case for elected officials across its 58 counties, including district attorneys.


An Early Win for LA’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has asked the county’s chief executive to pay for three paralegals and an attorney to beef up the underfunded unit that oversees electronic tracking of suspected child abuse.