Building Homes Instead of Destroying Them


How Foster Youth Can Secure Their Future

Seeking help from a higher system is always an option for current and former foster youth, writes Niasia Kincy.

Drowning and Forgotten: Former Foster Youth with Disabilities


Drowning and Forgotten: Former Foster Youth with Disabilities

Disability rights movements need to include the additional barriers that foster youth with disabilities face, writes Ash Barcus.

Overlooked and Underestimated


Overlooked and Underestimated

When I finally felt that my voice was heard, I became more hopeful that I could change my life in more positive ways, writes Dana Barrett.

Kids with Disabilities Deserve Adoptions with Loving Foster Families


Kids with Disabilities Deserve More Adoptions with Loving Families

Kids, like myself, who are considered “hard to adopt” in the system often don't understand why no one wants them, writes Kiana Deane.

Foster Care Abused Me Because of My Autism


I Was Treated as a Problem in Foster Care Because of my Autism

Nobody knew how to care for a teenager with autism. Instead of trying to communicate with me, I was just labeled a problem, writes Nia Dyer.

More Support in Higher Education for People with Disabilities


There Needs to be More Support in Higher Education for People with Disabilities

As a person with a disability, I did not know what I needed because nobody had ever asked me before, writes Karen Banks.


    Federal Judge OKs Suit on Behalf of Behaviorally Disabled Students in Oregon

    A federal judge has greenlighted legal advocates’ lawsuit seeking to represent all of Oregon’s behaviorally disabled schoolchildren who have allegedly been illegally deprived of their right to full-time schooling. Based on expert testimony presented by the plaintiffs, the case suggests a pattern of local public education agencies sending hundreds or thousands of students with behavioral health problems home early from school, Judge Ann Aiken ruled in U.S.

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    In New York, Hundreds of 3-Year-Olds With Disabilities Are on the Brink of Losing Services

    Hundreds of New York toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities may lose access to in-home speech, behavioral, occupational and other therapies next week – because the coronavirus pandemic has prevented them from getting the services approved by their local school district. 

    Ricardo Rodriguez


    Time Spent on Me Wasn’t Wasted

    Ricardo Rodriguez is a 26-year-old San Diego resident and former foster youth who balances a job in tech with volunteer work and entrepreneurial pursuits. Thanks to his relentless drive and support from key sources, his life has turned out far different from previous expectations.