Devon Ziminski


Natural Mentoring for Foster Youth Moves from Theory to Practice

Young people emancipated from the foster care system are assumed to be ready for adult life. In reality this is often not the case, but more and more organizations are stepping up to better prepare foster youth for life on their own – particularly by helping them make lasting connections to caring adults.


New Report Shows Improvements and Persistent Problems with New Jersey’s Child Welfare System

A court-ordered report of New Jersey’s child welfare system released last week declared that the state has made “significant progress” in its work with troubled families and children in foster care.


Heaven and a ‘Ghost Vote’ on Gun Violence

Heaven was going to Disney World.                                                                Summer was in full bloom, and the family’s Disney World trip planned for early July was growing nearer. The eager and joyful 7-year-old had her hair styled for the upcoming trip.


New Research: Death by Firearm 10 Times More Likely in America

A study published late last year in the American Journal of Medicine illustrates a great disparity in violence between America and other countries. The study, “Violent Death Rates: The US Compared with Other High-income OECD Countries,” used 2010 World Health Organization mortality data to compare rates of violence in the United States against the rates in other high-income and well-populated countries.