Storytelling Can Change the World

Before becoming a mental health advocate, I worked in East Africa. I had been chosen to partner with a community in rural Uganda to help an incredible family build a health clinic in their disconnected village.


Failed Policies, Forfeited Futures: A Nationwide Scorecard on Juvenile Records

The report exposes the issues with the juvenile justice system; it reveals how each state has played a role in this issue by creating a rating system that reveals the problems that need to be addressed.


Foundations Commit $194 Million to ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Projects

Eleven foundations committed to $194 million in funding for work related to the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative (MBK), which was created by President Barack Obama to help serve young minority men in the country.


In World of Short Term 12, Humanity and Authenticity Are The Watchwords

Short Term 12 is a fictional film that offers the uninitiated viewer a portal into the days, months and years experienced by kids and workers involved in residential foster care. It is a world few people are even aware of and even less can understand.


Kids Count 2013: Gains in Graduation, Persistent Income Problems After Recession

The number of children living with unemployed parents continued to remain high even as the nation moved out of a recession and the number of students graduating on time increased significantly, according to data revealed today in the 2013 version of the Annie E.