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Michigan Case Shines Light on Practice Almost Banned Under Federal Law

After Jodi Cohen’s excellent reporting this week, the Michigan Supreme Court will review a case in which a teenager from Oakland County was detained for not taking her virtual learning seriously during the pandemic.

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Juvenile Detention: Fewer Coming In or Out As Pandemic Continues

The Annie E. Casey Foundation continues to supply a macro-level look at how the use of juvenile detention has changed during the coronavirus pandemic. Its most recent release of data today shows two trends in May that could portend a more dramatic shift next month.

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Answers from Juvenile Detention Surveys Set Up Some Great Questions

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s survey work on the use of juvenile detention during coronavirus has moved us beyond the shrugging-emoji level of understanding what’s happened since mid-March. The surveys also tip at bigger questions that could actually provide some lasting lessons for the field beyond the pandemic. 


Stop a Coronavirus Disaster: Release Kids from Juvenile Facilities

In the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis, all of us are trying to do our best for the children in our lives — providing stability and a safe and caring home.


Calls to Release Youth from Lockups Due to Virus Threat Grow Nationwide

With most free residents across the United States keeping at least six feet apart, feverishly washing their hands and avoiding any social groups, 43,000 young people in juvenile lockups and prisons are living in coronavirus petri dishes that have become “brewing reservoirs” of infection, according to inmates and juvenile justice experts.

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Casey Foundation Makes Clear: JDAI is Now a System-Wide Juvenile Reform Movement

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative – known widely in the field simply as JDAI – is the longest-running philanthropic reform effort in juvenile justice. And in commencing this year’s JDAI conference for those involved in it across hundreds of sites in the country, the man in charge of it acknowledged that the name was no longer accurate.


    Top Stories of 2018: Momentum for Justice Reform

    Each day for the next two weeks, we’ll count down 10 of the biggest stories The Imprint published in 2018. In each, we’ll connect readers with a few links to our coverage of this issue.

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    A New Digital Library to Help Train Social Workers, Attorneys on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

    A trove of court and casework footage is now available for agencies and universities looking to make child welfare and juvenile justice training more dynamic. Calamari Productions, the small production company quietly behind several award-winning documentaries and TV shows about those two fields, has made its massive archive of system-related footage available for educational licensing through “Calamari in the Classroom.”


    Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice Advocates Condemn Border Policies

    As the Trump policy of separating asylum-seeking families at the border gave way to uncertainty over what comes next, hundreds of leaders from American youth service organizations strongly condemned the administration’s separation and detention policies.