Focus on the Figures: Hospitalizations for Mental Health

Focus on the Figures is a regular partnership between The Imprint and, a nonprofit dedicated to providing data on the health and well-being of California’s children.   For those challenged by mental health conditions, disorders often take hold at the most inopportune times: while adolescents make the difficult climb into adulthood.


Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts, #12: Regulating Psych Meds for Foster Youth

The Imprint is highlighting each of the policy recommendations made this summer by the participants of the Foster Youth Internship Program (FYI), a group of 12 former foster youths who completed congressional internships.


Toward Scientific Equity for the Prevention of Depression and Depressive Symptoms in Vulnerable Youth

Eleven researchers studied the effectiveness of preventative measures taken to help vulnerable subpopulations of youth prevent depression. The study was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health Grant and found: A diverse array of preventative strategies will be key in countering depression and mental health issues in vulnerable populations.


In Canada, Native Families Continue to be Separated

By Melody Ann Owen Vera, an Indian residential school survivor, describes years of fear and desperation growing up. In her words, the experience left her with a “lack of communication skills and the closeness learned was not healthy.”


Partnering with Primary Care: A Mental Health Consumer Perspective

by Kelechi Ubozoh, Communications Director for Peers Envisioning and Engaging Recovery Services (PEERS) When I was first diagnosed with depression, I was too young to understand what it meant. My parents had just gotten divorced, and I started seeing a child therapist to help me cope with the separation.


Nonprofit Shares Data About Troubled Teens With Researchers

With help just a text message away, troubled teens who are experiencing depression, bullying etc. can use Crisis Text Line for free emotional and counseling support. Since August 1st 2013, more than 3 million text messages have been exchanged between a crisis specialist and troubled teen.


    Youth Advocating for Abolishing Mental Health Stigma

    Youth Advocating for Abolishing Mental Health Stigma by ChronicleofSocialChange   For children suffering from mental health problems, having to constantly battle the stigma attached to such diseases can be an overwhelming fight.


    Suicide and the Foster Child

    In 1962, under a bridge, in the back seat of a neighbor’s car, a tiny, feisty baby girl came into this world. A fragile little baby so tiny, that she was kept in a shoe box.