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Analysis: 11 States Struggle to Meet Federal Education Requirements for Foster Youth

A little more than a year after federal law mandated school districts across the country ensure foster youth are transported to school, at least 11 states are outright failing – or are clearly struggling – to make this happen, according to new reporting by The Imprint.


New York Struggles to Meet Federal Mandates on School Transportation for Foster Youth

Danielle DeMaison woke before sunrise one foggy morning last April and loaded her two daughters into her 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. Even though the cornstalk-lined roads around her little hamlet of Sanborn on the western edge of New York state were mostly empty, it took DeMaison four hours to get her biological and foster daughters to their separate schools.

Educational Stability for Foster Youth


States All Over the Map on Ensuring Educational Stability for Foster Youth

The Every Student Succeeds Act gave school systems across the country until December 2016 to  transport foster youth to school. Nine months later, implementation is wanting. For the roughly 270,000 school-aged children living in America’s foster care system, educational success can be elusive.


California Department of Ed Taps Foster Care Education Vet After Failing to Comply with Federal Law

In the wake of revelations that California’s Department of Education failed to comply with federal education law affecting foster youth, it has hired a new leader for its Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program.


L.A.’s Failure to Implement Foster Care Mandates Could Cost California $1.8 Billion in Federal Education Funds

Today, Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors will consider a motion aimed at speeding the county’s implementation of federal mandates on the educational stability of its 20,000 school-aged foster youth. While the motion claims that the county’s 81 school districts are not out of compliance with a 2015 federal law mandating that foster kids be transported to their “school of origin,” assertions from the Los Angeles County Office of Education make clear that those districts ­– and thus the state of California – are.


California Fails to Comply with Federal Law Aimed at Improving Foster Youth’s Educational Stability

Despite a long history of supporting foster youth’s academic success, California failed to comply with a federal deadline requiring all states to submit plans on how to pay for those students’ transportation to school.


    Trump, Obama Agree on Educational Stability; What about Foster Kids?

    When it comes to their children’s education, Donald Trump and Barack Obama are in lockstep. Both understand that uprooting a child from school can impede educational achievement, and disrupt fragile social and emotional development.


    GAO Report Highlights Obstacles for Homeless and Foster Youth Accessing Federal Financial Aid for College

    The Government Accountability Office’s report, “Higher Education: Actions Needed to Improve Access to Federal Financial Assistance for Homeless and Foster Youth,” examines enrollment data from 2011-2012 and 2013-2014, and completion data from 2009, to determine ways in which access to federal financial aid impacts homeless and foster youth’s experience in college.


    Still Present and Accounted For: Q&A with Hedy Chang

    Without Hedy Chang’s work on chronic absenteeism, it is unlikely that the issue would be as prominent in the education policy conversation as it is today. As Executive Director of Attendance Works, she fronts the non-profit’s national efforts to advance student success in school by reducing chronic absence.