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Outgoing New York City Child Welfare Commissioner Reflects on Five-Year Tenure


Outgoing New York City Child Welfare Commissioner Reflects on Five-Year Tenure

David Hansell stepped down last week as leader of one of the nation’s largest child welfare systems, as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio left office and newly elected Eric Adams took over city leadership. 

Weston Charles-Gallo describes his life as an LGBTQ foster youth.


LGBTQ Youth Make Up One Third of Foster Care, But Are Often Poorly Served

One in three foster youth identify as LGBTQ, and evidence shows they are among the most likely to face difficulty in government care.

Administration for Children's Services Commissioner David Hansell said they'd seen no indicators of an increase in undetected child abuse during the pandemic.


No Evidence of Pandemic Child Abuse Surge in New York City, But Some See Other Crises For Child Welfare System

Reports of child abuse in NYC dropped after the coronavirus struck and have not returned to previous levels, but some warn of other crises.


New York City Mayor Announces Major Expansion of Foster Care Early Prevention Program

New York City will expand an experimental approach to preventing child abuse and neglect, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday, describing it as key to the city’s COVID-19 recovery and his broader efforts to address racial equity before the end of his term early next year.


New York City Moves to Limit Drug Testing of Pregnant Women

New York City moved this week to curb hospital drug testing of new and expecting mothers, a widespread and controversial practice that can lead to newborns being placed in foster care at perhaps the most delicate stage of life.



LGBTQ Foster Youth in New York City: Strong in Numbers, Struggling in Care

Credit: New York City Administration for Children’s Services 
LGBTQ youth represent more than one-third of those in New York City’s foster care system, a higher share than previously understood, according to a first-of-its-kind survey released this week by the city’s child welfare agency. 


    Too Many Black Families Get Caught in Child Welfare’s ‘Front Door,’ Advocates and System Leaders in New York Agree

    A parent-led protest against family separations by the child welfare system crossed the Brooklyn Bridge this summer. Photo: Michael Fitzgerald
    For Taylor Thomas, a social worker in the Bronx, the nightmare started on June 1, with the coronavirus pandemic raging and protests against racism in policing filling the streets. 

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    Funding Increased, Not Cut, For New York City Foster Youth Mentor Program

    New York City child welfare advocates are cheering a budget agreement that spares deep funding cuts from a program providing mentors for thousands of foster youth. The program, known as Fair Futures, was slated for significant cuts last week, when the city adopted an $88 billion budget that was deeply constrained by the economic fallout from the coronavirus.

    Fair Futures New York City foster youth foster care ron richter oped


    New York City Foster Care Cancels Some Reform Efforts Due To Pandemic Funding Hit

    This week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council approved a budget of just over $88 billion for the coming fiscal year, nearly four months into a coronavirus pandemic that created a $9 billion revenue shortage.