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House Bill Puts Up $2 Billion in Emergency Funds for Family, Youth Homelessness

Late last week, a bipartisan group of House legislators introduced a bill that would supply $2 billion to states for help in preventing youth or family homelessness during the coronavirus pandemic.


The Pandemic Reawakened My PTSD
I’d gotten my post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) under control. Then the coronavirus disrupted my routine, and my flashbacks came storming back. But I’m working hard to keep it together with the help of therapy, a new at-home routine, writing and my partner Taiquan.   I was emotionally, verbally and physically abused by my mother and stepfather for many years.


Advocates Fear COVID-19 is Leaving Foster Youth Further Behind in School
When the coronavirus forced Minnesota schools to shift to distance learning in March, the transition from the classroom to not seeing his classmates anymore proved jarring for 6-year-old Cree, who Jon and Helen Tracy took in from foster care two years ago.


Child Welfare and The Fight Against Despair

Classic experiments in the 1970’s demonstrated that it’s not so much adverse events that result in deleterious consequences, but rather a lack of perceived control over those events. Subjects in these experiments who learned that they could not influence their challenging situations eventually gave up trying.


California Legislature Introduces Its Plan for the Closure of State’s Youth Prisons
Illustration by Christine Ongjoco

Leaders of the California Assembly and Senate presented detailed plans this week on how the state should shut down its aging and outmoded youth prison system – a revised approach to the youngest and most serious offenders that keeps them out of adult prisons and provides increased oversight of county-run detention facilities and programs.

Youth Services Insider


House Introduces Its Child Welfare Stimulus Package
The U.S. Capitol Building

The House Ways and Means Committee dropped a bipartisan bill today that would prevent youth from aging out of foster care during the coronavirus pandemic and provide additional federal cash to state child welfare agencies.


Bay Area DA Calls for Closure of Juvenile Hall, Investing in Community Alternatives

Less than a week after joining dozens of other prosecutors, corrections officials and probation chiefs in signing an open letter calling for the closure of all youth prisons, one California district attorney took her first official step toward doing just that in her own county.

Youth Services Insider
Friends Mentoring


National Youth Mentoring Model Faces Rigorous Final Test
Los Angeles Friend Marquis spending one-on-one time at the playground with his youths. Photo: Friends of the Children—Los Angeles

A federal grant will allow for the completion of a major study on the effect of long-term professional mentoring on at-risk youth. 


The Sad Omission of Child Welfare from Mainstream Discussion on Race

Tehra Coles, Zainab Akbar, Emma Ketteringham, Lauren Shapiro

As thousands of Black people and their allies are protesting the systemic racism and police brutality that have been part of the fabric of this society for centuries, some white Americans appear ready to discuss the damage that oppression has done to Black and brown people.