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Less Older Youth in Foster Care, But Path to Permanency Remains an Issue

The good news: as of 2021, the most recent year for most federal data, there were far less older youth in foster care compared to 15 years ago. They also make up a much lower percentage of the youth who are in foster care overall. 

A New Data Portal Will Track Outcomes for Transition-Age Foster Youth in California


A New Data Portal Will Track Outcomes for Transition Age Foster Youth in California

California has a new tool for tracking and assessing newly public, anonymous data about the outcomes for youth aging out of foster care.

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Columbia University Report Backs Overhaul of Colorado’s Juvenile Justice Approach


Biennial Juvenile Incarceration Census Data Released

The latest federal numbers on juvenile incarceration have been released via the Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement, a data set updated for the Department of Justice every two years by the National Center for Juvenile Justice.

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NYU Receives $16 Million Gift for Social Science Research Using Big Data

New York University’s Silver School of Social Work has received what NYU called one of the largest gifts ever given to such a school, which will be used to try to crack open new insights into the problems of racism and social inequality.

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The Data Dispute: Where New Rules on Foster Care Numbers Stands

The process for adding new elements to what’s known as the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, or AFCARS, is now in litigation that started under the Trump administration and continues under President Joe Biden.

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Administration Erases LGBT Questions From Foster Care Data Collection

Late Friday the Trump administration finalized a one-third reduction in the amount of data the government must collect about youth in foster care and their parents, sparking an outcry from advocates who charge that the changes are politically driven and will be bad for already-vulnerable kids.


    A Philanthropic Vision for Improving L.A. County’s Child Welfare System

    A collective of Los Angeles County-based government agencies, philanthropies, foster family agencies and faith-based organizations have launched an effort to boost the county’s foster care capacity and help more children receive better care, according to a brief released by the group.

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    Big Funders Pool $12.5 Million for Policy, Advocacy and Research

    Some of America’s largest investors in social impact issues got together and mulled over the question: What do organizations involved in social impact work have the hardest time getting money to do?


    We Won’t Improve Maltreatment Prevention Without Better Data Sharing

    There has been an important shift in the conversation around child abuse and neglect fatalities in recent years. Previously, our systems were designed to respond only after a tragedy occurred. Today, however, with the support of new public policy and greater knowledge, we are beginning to think and act in terms of preventing child abuse tragedies before they occur.