For Low-Income Youth in California, Much is Promised But Little Received with Mental Health Services

Adela Carranco was just 11 years old when her mother discovered she was planning to kill herself. Her suicidal intentions were tapped out in cold detail on her cell phone, from options for ending her life  — take pills, get run over, or slit her wrists — to notes saying goodbye to loved ones.


Child Trafficking Victims Fall Prey To Partisan Divisiveness

Upon hearing the term “human trafficking,” most Americans envision foreign nationals who have been smuggled into the United States to engage in sex work within our borders. While this situation is common and grave, it is important for Americans to know that the trafficking of American citizens is on the rise right here at home.


Discontinuing Solitary Confinement in Juvenile Facilities

By Erica Webster Letters thrown in a urinal. Standing in the cold at 5 AM. Locked in solitary confinement for days. These are some of the disciplinary methods James Anderson remembers correctional officers using at Camp Scobee, a secure juvenile facility in Los Angeles County.


U.S. is 20,000 Short on Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

by Dr. Paramjit Joshi According to the latest numbers at least 1 in 5 American youth live with a serious mental disorder—a dramatic increase from ten years ago. Of that number, only about 20 percent receive evaluation and treatment by a medical professional, with only a fraction ever having the opportunity to meet with a specialist.