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New York State Intensifies Court Oversight of Group Care for Foster Youth

Starting next month, New York will receive far less in federal funding for congregate care, or group care placements, and the courts will require greater justification for why a child cannot be placed with family.

Michigan Settles With Catholic Foster Care Charity But Affirms Commitment to LGBTQ Community


Michigan Remains Far Short of Child Welfare Reform Goals, Court Monitor Finds

More than a decade after a federal judge approved Michigan’s sweeping agreement to fix problems with its child welfare system, the court-appointed monitoring team reported multiple ongoing concerns about the safety of kids under state care.

Family Settles Suit Against Michigan Youth Lockup Where Staff Killed Teen


Foster Youth Cornelius Fredericks was Killed One Year Ago. His Death Has Caused Sweeping Change Nationwide

The 16-year-old's killing by staffers at the for-profit group home where he lived has led to laws changing and similar facilities closing nationwide


Outrage Is Only The Start: Get Bad Actors out of Residential Care

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) cut ties with residential care provider Sequel after the death of Cornelius Fredericks at Lakeside Academy. Photo: Twitter
Say his name. Cornelius Fredericks. Cornelius was 16 years old.

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Calls Grow to Eliminate ‘Face Down’ Restraints for Foster Youth After Michigan 16-Year-Old’s Death

Following the horrific death of a 16-year-old foster youth in a Michigan residential treatment facility – who died of cardiac arrest after staff pinned him on the ground and constricted his breathing – New York advocates are calling for the state to bar face-down restraints in facilities for the highest-needs children, calling the practice “dangerous” and “barbaric.”