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A $200 Incentive to Get Current, Former Foster Youth Engaged on Sexual Health

A California advocacy group hopes to draw current and former foster youth to sexual health education with the most time-tested incentive there is: cash money. John Burton Advocates for Youth is hosting a special workshop series on sexual health for older current and former foster youth in February, and is offering $200 for participation. 


FosterPort, Transition-Aged Youth Web Portal

In an effort provide a one-stop-shop to understand what older youth in foster care face, a Washington D.C.-based consultancy firm teamed up with a charitable foundation to create a new web portal.


Crossover Youth: A Shared Responsibility

This week, the California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership released a summary of their recent research and analysis efforts, entitled “Crossover Youth: A Shared Responsibility.” The first two sections of the report begin with two statistics on California youth: first, “there were 496,972 reports of [child] neglect and abuse in 2014, with 81,391 substantiated,” and second, “there were 101,531 young people referred to juvenile probation in 2014.”

Steven M. Hilton and Peter Laugharn


What Does Hilton Foundation’s New Leadership, Doubling Assets Mean for Youth?

As I discussed in my post last week on funders helping foster youth age out successfully, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is a significant funder in this arena, and definitely one to keep a close eye on if you are wondering about their future funding for child welfare.


More Than Me: An Explanatory Study of Pregnant and Parenting Youth in the Foster Care System

By the time they are 21, more than 50% of female foster youth have a child. This is more than twice the pregnancy rate of their non-foster peers. Due to the 2010 extension of foster care to age 21, this high pregnancy rate has entered the policy spotlight.


Which Funders are Helping Foster Youth Age Out Successfully?

Aging out of foster care can be a difficult process. With little community support, former foster kids are more at risk for homelessness, arrest and incarceration, and failure to graduate from college.


    New Data on Barriers Faced by Calif. Foster Youth in College

    A new report from the California College Pathways hopes to use data to better illustrate some of the barriers in higher education faced by foster youth. The goal of this analysis is to spur policies, programs and practices that would help more youth achieve success in college.


    California’s Extension of Foster Care through Age 21: An Opportunity for Pregnancy Prevention and Parenting Support

    More than 35 percent of adolescent girls in California’s child-welfare system will have given birth before the age of 21, according to a new report from researchers from the Children’s Data Network.


    Marlo Nash Leaves National Foster Youth Institute After Six Months

    Marlo Nash, executive director of the National Foster Youth Institute (NYFI), has left the organization founded by Congressmember Karen Bass (D-Calif.) and bankrolled by Casey Family Programs and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation after just five months to return to the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.