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Cal Grant Expansion: Newsom Vetoes Game-Changer Bill for 150,000 College Students


Cal Grant Expansion: Newsom Vetoes Game-Changer Bill for 150,000 College Students

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) vetoed the most consequential legislation to college financial aid reform in a generation.


Foster Youth Need Support in High School to Succeed in College, New Report Shows

A new report on educational achievement for foster youth found that to help them succeed in college, targeted supports need to start years before they walk on campus.  The report, Pipeline to Success, focused specifically on the 21,186 foster youth in California’s 115 community colleges and the supports they needed to transition from high school to a successful post-secondary education. 

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California Expands Community College Assistance for Current, Former Foster Youth

Since 2015, California has offered $15 million in community college assistance — including tutoring, transportation and housing support — to kids in foster care who are age 16 to 26. Senate Bill 12, one of the 859 bills signed into law this session by California Gov.


Help Foster Youth in California Speed Up Their Educational Dreams

Sometimes I feel like the “Tortoise and the Hare” fable is the story of my college career. I entered foster care at the age of 2 when my parents became incarcerated.


From Juvie to Juvenile Law: Frankie Guzman’s Unlikely Journey

In 1995, when Frankie Guzman was 15, living in the impoverished community of La Colonia in the city of Oxnard, California, his older friend came to his house to ask for a favor.


New Data on Barriers Faced by Calif. Foster Youth in College

A new report from the California College Pathways hopes to use data to better illustrate some of the barriers in higher education faced by foster youth. The goal of this analysis is to spur policies, programs and practices that would help more youth achieve success in college.


    John Burton Foundation Update: Equity Funding & Financial Aid Barriers to Foster Youth

    Every week, I work with my team at The John Burton Foundation to identify what we think are important developments in the field of child welfare and foster care. This week, two that caught my eye were equity funding for foster youth in community college and financial aid barriers for kinship youth.


    Priority Registration for Foster Youth Two Years Later: Challenges and Triumphs

    In 2011, groundbreaking legislation, known as Assembly Bill 194 (AB 194) was enacted, granting current and former foster youth priority registration for enrollment in classes at California State University and Community College campuses and requesting that University of California campuses do the same.


    An Emerging Threat to Higher Education Opportunity for Foster Youth

    For the past 25 years, Californian community colleges have waived enrollment fees for foster youth and other financially needy students. For the past two years, the state’s foster youth have also had the right to priority registration for community college classes.