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Point Source Youth to Expand Footprint in Fight Against Youth Homelessness
Larry Cohen Point Source Youth Third Annual Symposium to End Youth Homelessness. Photo courtesy of the organization

Point Source Youth, a nonprofit that helps local partners in 30 communities fight to prevent youth homelessness, is preparing to meet a key organizational goal by expanding its work into 20 more communities across the country.

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Bill Prioritizes Placing Incarcerated Parents Close to Children

The 80,000 children of New York state whose parents are locked up in distant state correctional institutions might have an easier time visiting mom or dad under a bill sitting on Gov.


California Counties Empty Juvenile Halls to Combat COVID-19
The exterior wall of the El Dorado County Juvenile Hall in Placerville, California. Photo: Max Whittaker, Prime Collective

Seeking to avoid outbreaks of coronavirus, within a matter of months, county officials across California have dramatically reduced the numbers of youth locked in juvenile detention facilities – a decrease that justice advocates long decrying the over-incarceration of the nation’s young people might once have dreamed of.


Child Welfare League of America CEO: Field Must Confront Its Racist Roots

In the nearly two months since the police killing of George Floyd launched a global protest movement against systemic racism, the American child welfare system has experienced its own reckoning.

In June, parents marched through Manhattan, waving signs charging child welfare authorities with “stealing Black babies.”


New Name. New Leadership. Same Mission.

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Dozens of Prosecutors and Youth Corrections Officials Call to Close All Youth Prisons

In a sign of the nation’s rapid rethinking of the justice system prompted by protests against racism and police brutality, dozens of elected prosecutors, corrections officials and probation chiefs have called for all youth prisons to be shut down.


Family Enrichment Centers Show Early Promise in New York City, Evaluation Reports

New York City’s child welfare agency launched a bold small experiment in 2018: Three new community rooms deep in the city’s most under-resourced neighborhoods would offer comfy, staffed spaces for families to seek no-strings-attached advice and support, computer access, meeting space or children’s playtime, all at no cost.


‘Family Regulation,’ Not ‘Child Welfare’: Abolition Starts with Changing our Language

In a recent webinar about racism and policing hosted by the Northwestern Prison Education Program, abolitionist scholar and educator Erica Meiners noted that “avoiding the state’s language is a key tool for practitioners of reform and abolition.”


Los Angeles Weighs Ballot Proposal to Fund Alternatives to Incarceration

As communities across the U.S. grapple with how to divert money from law enforcement agencies to correct for long-standing racial injustice, Los Angeles County supervisors think the voters should decide.

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted to advance a proposal headed for the November ballot that would direct as much as $800 million “to address the disproportionate impact of racial injustice through community investment and alternatives to incarceration.”