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Family First Clearinghouse OKs Wraparound, Upgrades Intercept Program

The federal clearinghouse that approves foster care prevention services approved a popular whole-family approach to home-based services, and upgraded the rating of a different family support model. 

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Family First Act’s Standards Are Not Culturally Inclusive

Child welfare philanthropic and policy organizations across the country have started to make investments to address racial disparity and disproportionality. Some of these investments include disaggregating data by race, policy and practice reviews, and community engagement.

We Don’t Need CPS to Address Educational Neglect


Expand the Scope of Family First Act, and Its Clearinghouse

The Family First Prevention Services Act monetarily incentivizes child welfare agencies to invest in programs that prevent foster care placements. It constitutes the largest commitment to that effort in the history of federal funding.

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Family First Clearinghouse OKs Homebuilders, Popular Family Preservation Model

Lost in the shuffle of the obvious and only news story going, the federal Prevention Services Clearinghouse has approved Homebuilders, a family preservation model with a large track record of success, for new federal funding under the Family First Prevention Services Act. 

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Trump Budget 2021: Family First Enhancements, Block Grants, Unaccompanied Minors

President Trump released his 2021 budget this month, and Youth Services Insider has finally had time to break this one down. It includes a mix of sizable cuts to programs that serve disadvantaged youths and young adults, and a few intriguing legislative proposals.

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Family Centered Treatment Becomes 11th Approved Family First Prevention Service

A model for working with families in crisis recently became the first service fast-tracked for federal funding under the Family First Prevention Services Act, the largest federal child welfare reform in decades.

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    Family First Act Clearinghouse Misses May Goal for First Slate of Approvals

    With just months left until the law takes effect, the Family First Prevention Services Clearinghouse failed to meet its goal of a May release for the first list of approved foster care prevention services under the law.

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    Family First Clearinghouse Lays Out Its Process for Approving Services

    The federal Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation at the Department of Health and Human Services has published a handbook that lays out how service models will be assessed for inclusion on the much-anticipated Prevention Services Clearinghouse, the gateway to funding under a recently passed federal child welfare law.

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    Abt Associates Gets $5.2 Million for Family First Clearinghouse

    The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based research firm Abt Associates has been tapped to establish the clearinghouse that will dictate which programs are approved under a new federal reform of child welfare financing. The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) awarded Abt a contract through 2022 that could reach $5.2 million, and includes $1.8 million for the first wave.