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Children’s Rights Lures Top Litigator Leecia Welch from National Center for Youth Law


Children’s Rights Lures Top Litigator Leecia Welch from National Center for Youth Law

Children’s Rights announced earlier this month that it hired Leecia Welch, previously with National Center for Youth Law, as lead counsel.


Graphic Evidence that Child Welfare Surveillance Doesn’t Work

There is a graphic making the rounds in child welfare that’s gotten a fair amount of attention lately — but its numbers are misleading.

More than 300,000 Sign Petition to End For-Profit Foster Care


More than 300,000 Sign Petition to End For-Profit Foster Care

More than a quarter-million people have signed a petition calling on the federal government to ban for-profit companies from the network of homes and institutions caring for foster children.

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Shereen White has been named director of advocacy and policy at Children's Rights.


Children’s Rights Names Shereen White As its First Policy Director

Children’s Rights, a national nonprofit that uses the law to improve public systems serving children, has named Shereen White as its first policy director.

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Lawsuit to Reform West Virginia’s Foster Care System is Back On


Judges Toss Class Actions Against Ohio, West Virginia

Federal judges have dismissed two lawsuits filed over the treatment of relative caregivers in Ohio and of foster youth in West Virginia.

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Supreme Court Says Philadelphia Violated Catholic Child Welfare Group’s First Amendment Rights

The unanimous decision in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia found that by requiring Catholic Social Services to approve the homes of same-sex couples, it had violated the faith-based organization’s rights.

    Investigation Finds Spate of Foster Care Deaths in Ohio Since 2015


    Ohio Counties Plead for State Funds to Boost Kinship Caregivers’ Pay

    A federal judge has been trying for years to get Ohio to pay kinship caregivers their due under federal law, but counties say there’s not enough money from the state to make it feasible.

    A three decade court battle over Washington, D.C.'s Child and Family Services Agency was settled.


    Washington, D.C., Finally Exits Decades-Long Court Battle Over Foster Care

    On June 1, a federal judge issued final approval for a settlement in a decades-old case to improve the experience of foster children in the nation's capital.

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    Leading legal advocacy group Children's Rights is shifting its focus to disrupt institutional racism.


    Leading Child Welfare Litigation Group Pledges to Join Growing Fight Over ‘Most Urgent Civil Rights Battle of Our Time’

    One of the nation’s leading legal advocacy groups for children recently embraced a new agenda, pledging to disrupt “institutional racism and its effects on the child welfare system.”