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Hearings: In Child Welfare Court, Customer Service is Key

As a social worker with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), I face a lot of situations that are disheartening and tough to deal with. But few moments in my career have left me more disillusioned than a recent experience at the Los Angeles County courthouse in Lancaster.

A young boy facing deportation proceedings without legal representation, as shown in the film "Unaccompanied: Alone in America."


Citing Deportation Threat, L.A. Will Offer Legal Help to Some Foster Youth

Los Angeles County leaders have approved new funding to provide immigration lawyers for foster youth, citing changes to federal policies that have made it more difficult and risky to address the rights of abused and neglected youth in the immigration system.

New Hampshire Judge David King awarded by peers.


New York Court Rules Adoption Subsidy Should Move if Child Does

A decision this week by the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division could lay the groundwork for greater scrutiny about the use of adoption subsidies, regular payments made to help support the adoption of youth from foster care.


Facing a Backlog, Los Angeles Hires Pittsburgh Kinship Nonprofit to Help Relative Caregivers

Los Angeles County has hired a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit to help more relative caregivers through the foster care certification process as the county runs up against a looming state deadline. On Tuesday, the county’s Board of Supervisors approved a $400,000 request to hire A Second Chance, Inc.,


A $200 Incentive to Get Current, Former Foster Youth Engaged on Sexual Health

A California advocacy group hopes to draw current and former foster youth to sexual health education with the most time-tested incentive there is: cash money. John Burton Advocates for Youth is hosting a special workshop series on sexual health for older current and former foster youth in February, and is offering $200 for participation. 

Lawrence Booker


Bill Aims to Prevent Adoptive Parents from Abusing Subsidy Program

Lawrence Booker had been living apart from his adoptive family for around two years when he learned that his adoptive mother might still be receiving money for his care — money that could have gone a long way toward helping him instead.


    New L.A. County Pilot Program Targets Foster Youth Who Cycle Through Shelters

    This month, Los Angeles County is rolling out a new approach to the longstanding issue of how to find homes for its most difficult to place foster youth. These are youth with a high level of mental health needs and behavioral issues who often cycle through multiple foster care placements and sometimes end up on the street.


    L.A. County Agencies Chart Impact of Immigration Policies on Children

    At a meeting of the Los Angeles County Children’s Commission on Monday, several Los Angeles County agencies and advocates described the impact of tightening federal immigration policies on children and families in the county.


    Philadelphia App Links Youth to Resources and Services

    For youth exiting the foster care system, finding a way to access supports and services can be hard. There are many organizations and agencies that offer service to transition-age youth, but knowing where to look for resources like crisis mental health services, computer access, mentoring opportunities and food banks can be a struggle.