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L.A. Supervisors Demand Plan to Help “Crossover Kids,” Young People Failed by Two Juvenile Systems

We know that, statistically speaking, kids who spend time in Los Angeles County’s foster care system — or any foster care system, for that matter — have worse outcomes when they reach adulthood than youth who’ve never wound up in the child dependency system at all.


Five Lessons for Implementing Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare

Predictive risk modeling (PRM) offers new and exciting chances to solve big, entrenched problems. In child welfare, one of those problems is accurately identifying children at risk of maltreatment, work that requires a gauge of not only immediate risk, but also the future likelihood of harm.


Is this ‘Minority Report’ or is it the Future of Child Welfare?

Predictive analytics, mathematical equations that forecast where events will likely occur, and the use of data within governmental agencies such as the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) are seen by many as a way to proactively penalize people before they ever do anything wrong.


Managing the Flow: Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare

At the intersection of two major Los Angeles freeways sits the county’s child abuse nerve center. Scores of workers are scattered at partitioned desks on the incredibly large fifth floor of this tall, drab building.


L.A. County to Implement State Plan to Prevent Unintended Pregnancies Among Youth

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passed a motion calling on county agencies to implement the state’s plan for preventing unintended pregnancies amongst foster youth. The state plan, “California’s Plan for the Prevention of Unintended Pregnancies for Youth and Non-Minor Dependents,” aims to address the fact that by age 21 over 1 in 3 girls in foster care will have given birth, according to a report by the Children’s Data Network.     


California Bets on Big Data to Predict Child Abuse

California, home to the largest foster care population in the country, has publicly declared its intention to pursue the use of so-called “predictive analytics” to foresee and presumably prevent child abuse.


    Next Fifth District Supervisor Will Face Highest Reported Rates of Child Abuse, Death in L.A. County

    Next week, Los Angeles County will elect a new supervisor to oversee an area that has the highest rates of reported child abuse and neglect and the highest infant mortality rate in the county.


    An Upstream Approach: Using Data-Driven Home Visiting to Prevent Child Abuse

    Today, Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors will vote on a motion to move 103 public health nurses from the Department of Children and Family Services to the Department of Public Health.


    L.A.’s One-and-Only Native American Foster Mom

    Lisa Smith and her two daughters peer out the front windows of their Diamond Bar, California, home. “We were that anxious,” 49-year-old Smith says, recalling that afternoon in March. They see a car pull up, and hurry to the curb.