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For Foster Youth, Stability Is Even Harder to Find During the Pandemic

With Californians hunkered down to stop the vicious spread of coronavirus, three Los Angeles County sisters are stranded 400 miles from the places they call home, with no idea when they will be able to return.


California Considers Extending Foster Care Supports for Youth Following Advocates’ Appeal for COVID-19 Relief

In an urgent appeal to the governor and the California state legislature on behalf of the state’s 60,000 children and young adults in foster care, a group of leading advocates is calling for sweeping new measures to ward off devastating impacts from the spread of coronavirus.


Audit Questions Billions in State Funds Meant for Foster Youth, Other Vulnerable Students

In 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and the state legislature established a major program meant to close the achievement gap for disadvantaged students. The increased funding from it is supposed to go to help schools better serve vulnerable groups: students from low-income families, English language learners and foster youth.


Los Angeles Leaned Hard on Rideshare to Keep Foster Youths in School of Origin

Since the 2015 passage of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), school districts and child welfare agencies around the country have been tasked with developing transportation plans to keep foster youth in their schools of origin if that is what they prefer.


After Veto, California’s Crisis Hotline for Foster Youth is Back in Play

A plan to establish a statewide 24/7 crisis hotline and mobile response system for California foster youth and caregivers has been given new life in the state legislature’s new budget after former Gov.


California’s Funding Formula Tries to Close the Achievement Gap for Disadvantaged Youth. But How is the Money Spent?

California Governor Jerry Brown’s budget includes full funding for a state program meant to boost support for foster youth and other vulnerable populations in schools. But advocates are criticizing the program for its lack of expenditure tracking and transparency on how schools spend the state’s money.


    Gov. Brown’s Final Budget: Increased Spending on Foster Youth Education, New Home Visiting and Juvenile Justice Programs

    Even as the state faces a potential recession and changes to the federal tax code, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) made significant investments in the state’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems in the first version of the state’s 2018-2019 budget.


    Brief Offers Policies to Support Health of California’s Youngest Children

    A new brief from Children Now outlines a portfolio of policy solutions aimed at supporting children in California during the critical developmental years of early childhood. In California, a significant chunk of the state’s babies and toddlers are at risk of abuse and poor health outcomes during their youngest years.

    A Federal Bill Could Boost Funds for Home Visiting Program for Parents


    L.A. County Pushes Forward on Home Visiting

    Next week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will vote on a motion aimed at “enhancing” and “expanding” the county’s patchwork of home visiting programs. In L.A., like across the country, the concept of home visiting takes many forms.